Students Offering Leadership Development

Students Offering Leadership Development (SOLD)

SOLD is a student organization focused on community outreach and leadership development. We want to help students along the journey of becoming a leader in their communities, neighborhoods, and lifestyles. All UAF students are eligible to be a member of SOLD!

If you are looking to network with other student leaders, develop your leadership skills and meet community leaders, SOLD is the place for you. SOLD is geared towards inspiring action in student leaders to come up with innovative ideas and help them create their personal definition of leadership.


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For Students

Join us on Nanook Engage and stay up to date with our latest events, meetings, and general updates.

For Community Members

Please reach out to us with leadership opportunities, whether it be community service, workshops, or simply participating in community meetings. Contact SOLD club president Gerald Montuya at

For Everyone

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Faculty Co-Advisor

Office: 225D Bunnell Building

Phone: (907) 474-6532




Faculty Co-Advisor

Office: 225E Bunnell Building

Phone: (907) 474-5872



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