Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Backcountry Hunters & ANglers (BHA)


UAF BHA is the collegiate arm of the Alaska State Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA). We are a campus organization comprised of members from all disciplines who are interested in the outdoors, hunting and fishing. We support and partner with the Alaska State Chapter through opportunities in Access and Opportunity, Public Lands and Waters, and Fair Chase.

The three ethos of BHA are:

Access and Opportunity
UAF BHA works hard to enhance public access through advocating for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, defending and maintaining stream access and working to enhance existing public land access.

Public Lands and Waters
UAF BHA advocates for public lands and waters through habitat conservation, advocating for responsible OHV use and management, and conservation of Priority Landscapes such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Fair Chase
It is the belief of UAF BHA that hunting should involve an element of skill, outdoorsman-ship, and challenge. It is not in the spirit and tradition of hunting set forth by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt to rely upon technological advancements to give an unfair advantage to the hunter.



Faculty Advisor

Office: 209 Bunnell Building

Phone: (907) 474-5905


BHA on Nanook Engage