Center for Arctic Security and Resilience (CASR)


CASR is working to integrate science and technology research directly into the classroom by creating opportunities for high school curricula, undergraduate research, and the full spectrum of academic credentialing including mid-career certifications, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and Ph.Ds. The center seeks to increase the number of students receiving associate, baccalaureate and master's degrees in established or emerging fields within science, technology, and engineering, related to security and emergency/disaster management, cyber security, natural hazard assessment, emergency/security response, and emergency management:

  • Build on established programs and classes in security and emergency management in SOM to include human security, fire administration, law enforcement management, emergency medical and public health management, business continuity, arctic security and security studies
  • Develop and deliver cross college/school classes built upon interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Use strong and growing Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities program
  • Engage students in the full spectrum of security, emergency management, cyber and hazard-related research

The center aims to achieve its educational goals through a variety of mechanisms:

  • Participating in the Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA)
  • Developing a cohesive academic plan for awarding AAs, BSs, MSs, and Ph.Ds pursuant to a cognizant interdisciplinary program (the only institution capable of doing so in the state of Alaska)
  • Undergraduate research funding and opportunities
  • Field courses and internships with existing disaster and emergency planning and responder institutions throughout the United States
  • Training and instructional deliveries supporting local, state, national, and international first responders

The center is dedicated to innovative education methods that rapidly integrate research findings into new classroom curricula and professional workforce training modules. The intent is to both create relevant academic materials for degree seeking students pursuing the physical, environmental, economic, engineering, and social sciences as well as promote skills enhancement among current practitioners, while also encouraging the development of new high school students into these fields. The center builds upon the developed programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) already at UAF.

Within the proposed colleges and schools supporting this initiative, such as SOM and CNSM, there are already courses and classes being offered that align to the goals of the center and build interdisciplinary teaching. See the links below for programs already in place at UAF that support the center's educational goals.

The center will attract Alaska Scholars, as well as those from outside of Alaska, who are interested in a unique, interdisciplinary program. The center will foster integrated programs well-poised to spearhead innovative partnerships with private and public enterprise – both of which can benefit economically and socially by becoming more security conscious and disaster resilient.


 UAF Earth Sciences BA with Concentration in Geological Hazards and Mitigation