Troy Bouffard

Troy Bouffard

Troy Bouffard

Instructor, HSEM Program
225G Bunnell Building
(907) 474-5480


Research and Scholarly Interests

Troy Bouffard has been a full-time faculty instructor at UAF in the UAF HSEM program since 2015. He is the designer and instructor for the Arctic Security graduate concentration and graduate certificate in the Masters of Security and Disaster Management program.

Troy is also the co-investigator and program manager of the USNORTHCOM/ALCOM Arctic Defense and Security Orientation (ADSO) program started in 2014.  ADSO is the primary educational program to responsible for baselining DOD knowledge of the Arctic region through an operational focus. Troy is also a Russian linguist (advanced beginner - 4th year/C1), published as well as cited in Russian outlets. Other "languages" Troy knows highly relevant to Arctic security involve significant experience with diplomacy, operational, and academia/research endeavors - all of which have guided his contributions and continued pursuit of relevance critical to the topic.



  • (In progress - 2nd year student) PhD, Interdisciplinary Program: Russian Federation Arctic Defense and International Strategy
  • MA, 2016, Arctic Policy, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • BA, 2014, Political Science, cum laude, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bouffard, Troy J., Elizabeth Buchanan. “Establishing an Arctic Security Institution: Essentials from NORAD and NATO. In The Strategy Bridge, March 2020

Bouffard, Troy J., Cameron D. Carlson. “A Surface Presence for the U.S. Navy in the Arctic?. In Canadian Naval Review. Fall, 2019, 15, 2.

Boylan, Brandon, Mary Ehrlander and Troy Bouffard. “A Multimethod and Interdisciplinary Approach to Educating Postsecondary Students on Arctic Challenges and Governance.” In Journal of Political Science Education, 15, no. 4.

Bouffard, Troy, Andrea Charron, and Jim Fergusson. "A Tale of ‘Two’ Russias?". Chap. 4 In Breaking the Ice Curtain? Russia, Canada, and Arctic Security in a Changing Circumpolar World, edited by P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Suzanne Lalonde, 61-74. Calgary, AB: Canadian Global Affairs Institute, 2019.

Bouffard, Troy J. “Authoritarian Administration: An Environmental Paradox in the Russian Arctic.” Arctic Yearbook 2018.

Bouffard, Troy J. (2017). “Managing the Barents Sea: Comparing Norwegian & Russian Offshore Oil-Spill Prevention Policies.” Arctic Yearbook, 2017, 280-311.

Bader, Harry, Carlson, Cameron D., & Bouffard, Troy J. (2014). “Tale of Two Arctics: Impact of Geography Affecting Security and Disaster Response Capabilities between North America and Europe.” Homeland Security Review, 8(2), 1-21.


Publications (other)

(In Print) Bouffard, Troy J. “Disaster Management Meets King of the Monsters”. In Crisis Response Journal, Spring 2020

Bouffard, Troy J., and Andrea Charron. “Comparing the U.S. and Canadian Military Arctic Strategy” In Vanguard, edited by Marcello Sukhdeo, Aurora, Ontario.

Bouffard, Troy J., and Andrea Charron. “A Tale of Two Russias” In Vanguard, edited by Marcello Sukhdeo, Aurora, Ontario.

Fert-Malka, Morgane, and Troy Bouffard. “The Unique Legal Status of an Arctic Archipelago.” In Arctic in Context, edited by Erica Dingman and Laurel Jarombek. New York, NY: World Policy Institute, 2017.


Publications in Progress

(Under peer review) Bouffard, Troy J., Carlson, Cameron D., "Command and Control of Northern Maritime Forces: The Concept and Rationale in Support of a JFMCC-Arctic",  Chpt tbd, edited by U.S. NORTHCOM 2020 Academic Symposium, 2020

(Under peer review) Cameron D. Carlson, Bouffard Troy J., Woodward, Dana. “Exploring a Nexus of National and Human Security: Food and Energy Challenges in the U.S. Arctic. In Journal of Human Security, 2020

(Under peer review) Bouffard, Troy J. “A Developing Maritime Operational Environment: Forward Presence and Freedom of Navigation in the Arctic”, in Joint Forces Quarterly

(In development) Bouffard, Troy J. , Holshouser, Tyler Drew, "The Paradox of Collective Arctic Security: Challenges Involving Multinational Defense Dialogue." (pitched to) War on the Rocks, 2020.


Courses Taught

  • F405: Introduction to Emergency Exercise Design
  • F223: Terrorism: A Global Threat
  • F231: The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • F408: Homeland Defense and Security
  • F406: Comparative Homeland Security
  • F407: Comparative Emergency Management
  • F603: Disaster Management Policy
  • F621: Circumpolar Competition – Arctic Diplomacy and Defense
  • F622: Arctic Strategies and Operations



Woodworking, Guitars, Russian Language, Traveling, Skiing, Trail Biking.