Dr. Peggy Keiper

Dr. Peggy Keiper

Peggy Keiper

Director, Sport and Recreation Business Program
Associate Professor, Sport and Recreation Business Program
209 Bunnell Building
(907) 474-5905


Research and Scholarly Interests

Sport Innovation and Trends, Grit, Emotional Intelligence, eSports Business



Ph.D., 2014, Sport Administration, University of New Mexico


Recent Publications

Hall, S., Manning, D., Keiper, M., Jenny, S., & Allen, B. (in press). “Stakeholders’ Perception of Critical Risks and Challenges Hosting Marathon Events: An Exploratory Study.” Journal of Contemporary Athletics, 11(3).

Jenny, S., Keiper, M., Taylor, B., Williams, D., Gawrysiak, J., Manning, R., & Tutka, P. (2018). “eSports Venues: A New Sport Business Opportunity.” Journal of Applied Sport Management, 10(1).

Keiper, M., Williams, D., & Fried, G. (2017). “Who’s Stealing Cookies From the Cookie Jar?: A Case Study in Sport Financial Fraud.” Case Studies in Sport Management, 6(1), 39-47.

Keiper, M., Manning, R., Jenny, S., Olrich, T., & Croft, C. (2017). “No reason to LoL at LoL: the addition of eSports to intercollegiate athletic departments.” Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, 11(2), 143-160.

Manning, R., Keiper, M., & Jenny, S. (2017). “Pedagogical innovations for the millennial sport management student: Socrative and Twitter.” Sport Management Education Journal, 11(1), 45-54.

Jenny, S., Manning, R., Keiper, M., & Olrich, T. (2017). “Virtual (ly) athletes: Where eSports fit within the definition of “sport”.” Quest, 69(1), 1-18.

Manning, R., Jenny, S., Keiper, M., & Drane, D. (2016). “Hall of Shame Revisited: The Appropriateness and Legal Implications of Employer-Sponsored Dodgeball and Kickball Events.” Journal of Contemporary Athletics, 10(3), 215.

Eickhoff-Shemek, J., & Keiper, M. (2014). “High-intensity Exercise and the Legal Liability Risks.” ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal, 18(5), 30-37.

Seidler, T., Fried, G., Young, S., Keiper, M., & Eickhoff-Shemek, J. (2014). “A Muddied Industry: Essential Risk Management Strategies for Mud Run Participants, Race Organizers, and Sponsors—Part II.” ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal, 18(5), 42-45.

Keiper, M., Young, S., Fried, G., & Seidler, T. (2014). “The legal implications of obstacle racing and suggested risk management strategies.” Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, 24(2), 78-95.



Hunting, Fishing, Basketball, Drawing, Painting


Courses Taught

BA 281, BA 390, BA 421, BA 481, MBA 691