Dr. Joshua Greenberg

Dr. Joshua Greenberg

Josh Greenberg

Joint-Associate Professor, 
Business Administration Program

372 O’Neill Building
(907) 474-7189


Research and Scholarly Interests

Bioeconomic Modeling

Economics of Reindeer Industries

Alaska’s Renewable Natural Resources



Ph.D., 1990, Agricultural Economics, Washington State University


Recent Publications

Novotny, R., Davis, J., Butel, J., Boushey, C., Fialkowski, M., Nigg, C., Braun, K., Guerrero, R., Coleman, P., Bersamin, A., Areta, A., Barber, L., Belyau-Camacho, T., Greenberg, J., Fleming, T., Delacruz-Talberg, E., Yamanaka, A., & Wilken, L. (2018). Children’s healthy living multilevel multicomponent community randomized trial reduced young child overweight, obesity and acanthosis nigricans in the U.S. affiliated Pacific region. Jama Open Network, 1(6), 1-15.

Starr, L., Greenberg, J., & Rowell, J. (2017). Farming muskoxen for qiviut in Alaska: A feasibility study. Arctic, 7(1), 77-85.

Guettabi, M., Greenberg, J., Little, J., & Joly, K. (2016). Evaluating potential economic effects of an industrial road on subsistence in north-central Alaska. Arctic, 69(3), 305-317.

Guettabi, M., Greenberg, J., Little, J., & Joly, K. (2016). Evaluating differences in household subsistence patterns between the Ambler project and non-project zones. National Park Services, Natural Resources Report NPS/GAAR/NRR-2016/1280, 58.

Warpinski, S., Herrmann, M., Greenberg, J., & Criddle, K. (2016). Alaska's sablefish fishery after Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) program implementation: An international economic market model. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 36(4), 864-875.

Fialkowski, M., Delormier, M., Hattori-Uchima, M., Leslie, J., Greenberg, J., Ho Kim, J., Deenik, J., Dunn, M., Areta, A., & Novotny, R. (2015). Indigenous workforce training to prevent childhood obesity in the underserved U.S. affiliated Pacific region. J. Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 26(2), 83-95.



Fishing, Baseball


Courses Taught

ECON 235, ECON 335