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Dr. Haiwei Chen, CFA

Haiwei Chen

Associate Professor, Accounting and Finance Program
225F Bunnell Building
(907) 474-5437


Research and Scholarly Interests

Corporate Governance

Capital Structures

Investment Strategies

Portfolio Management

Financial Analysis

Market Regulations



Ph.D., 1998, Economics, Emory University


Recent Publications

Chen, H., Jory, S., Mishra, T., and Ngo, T. (forthcoming). “Firms’ Cost Structure and Stock Return Volatility." Managerial Finance.  

 Chen, H. & Killins, R. (forthcoming). "The Impact of the Yield Curve on the Equity Returns of Insurance Companies." International Journal of Finance and Economics.

Chen, H., Jory, S., & Ngo T. (2020). "Earnings management under different ownership and corporate governance structure: A natural experiment with master limited partnerships." Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. (76), 139-156.

Chen, H. & Ngo, T. (2018). “Master limited partnerships: Is it a good investment vehicle?” Journal of Commodity Markets, (11), 22-36.

Chen, H., Estes, J., & Pratt, W. (2018). “Investing in the Healthcare Sector: Mutual Funds for ETFs.” Managerial Finance, 44(4), 495-508.

Chen, H. (2018). “Margin policy in futures markets: The American System vs. The Chinese System.” Chinese Economy, 51(2), 1-22.

Chen, H. (2017). “Real estate transfer taxes and housing price volatility in the United States.” International Real Estate Review, 20(2), 207-219.

Chen, H. & Ngo, T. (2017) “Leverage-based index revisions: The case of Dow Jones Islamic market world index.” Global Finance Journal, 32, 16-34.

Chen, H. (2016). “A Tobin tax only on sellers.” Finance Research Letters, 19, 83-89.

Chen, H., Farooqi, J., Huerta, D., & Ngo, T. (2015) “Momentum strategy in Shariah stocks: The role of debt.” Journal of Investing, 24, 90-111.

Chen, H., Heon Shin, S., & Sun, X. (2015). “Return-Enhancing Strategies with International ETFs: Exploiting the Turn-of-the-Month Effect.” Financial Services Review, 24(3), 271-288.

Chen, H., Estes, J., & Jubinski, D. (2014). “Our benchmark is better than your benchmark: The case of the municipal bond market.” Journal of Financial Planning, 2014, 50-59.



Swimming, Running, Hiking, Reading, Traveling, Badminton, Soccer, Racquetball, Poetry, Music.


Courses Taught

BA 325, BA 432, MBA 680.