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The University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Management is dedicated to providing high-quality business education in Alaska through a unique, active and experiential learning environment. With small class sizes, dedicated and approachable faculty and many opportunities for students to connect with the local community and professionals in their fields, SOM prepares broadly-educated professionals with a wealth of hands-on experience.

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  • Scholarship Spotlight: Ben Udden

    January 24, 2020

    This post was written by Ben Udden. Ben is a senior accounting major graduating in May. He has received the following scholarships: Cook & Haugeberg/Tom Bartlett • Spirit of Alaska FCU • Tote Maritime “I took my first class at UAF in January of 2014, while serving in the army in Afghanistan. Though my schedule was very unpredictable, the professor and this university stood by me and helped me to complete the class on time and through it all, I earned an A. After my military service, I began attending the UAF School of Management full time. Although the GI bill covers my tuition, it does not fully cover my other expenses. Scholarships pay for books and fees and I think even a parking pass! I also work part time at the The Lighthouse Church, where I do snow removal and finances. I am really grateful for the privately-funded scholarships. In my thank you letters, I wrote that it is really cool when local businesses give to any student, but especially a student who is planning to stay in Fairbanks. It’s like a direct investment in the community, even if it’s just one student at a time.”   Rather than…
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