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Resources & Support

Use the menu to navigate to useful resources, support and links. Below is some basic information about technology requirements:

Laptop Requirements
Most education majors are required to have a laptop and access to an iPad for their program at UAF. The Tech Requirements page will explain more about this requirement.

Getting Help
If you need some help setting up, configuring or repairing your laptop, check the Help Center page. SOE and OIT can usually help you get up and running without charge.

SOE Technology Lab
The School of Education maintains a staffed technology lab at Old University Park. It's a great place to work or get some extra help with projects. Check the OUP Lab Calendar for available times. Schedules can change from day to day.

Equipment Checkout
The School of Education maintains a variety of technology tools (laptops, microscopes, probeware, MIDI keyboards, graphics tablets, scanners, digital video and still cameras, etc.) that SOE students can check out for use in projects. Visit the OUP Lab for more information.

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