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School Counselor Certification Program

See the Counseling Student Handbook for a program overview and information about classes, advising, internship requirements, comprehensive exam process, research project/thesis guidelines, gradate student responsibilities and more!

2018 - 19 Practicum/Internship Manual
See the Practicum/Internship Manual for information about Individual Practicum, Field Practicum and the Counseling Internships.

2018 - 19 School Counselor Certification Degree Checklist

Admission - Matriculation - Good Standing - Graduation Requirements

Informed Consent Agreement
Students entering the counseling program agree to the following:

  1. Acceptance of feedback concerning personal, academic, and professional strengths, weaknesses, and performance
  2. Personal examination of your behaviors, beliefs, and emotions in relation to your professional activities and experiences
  3. Program dismissal for students who are unable to render competent service due to academic or personal limitations

Disclosure Statement
Students admitted to the UAF Counseling program must complete annual disclosure statements. The first disclosure statement must be submitted prior to the start of classes during your admission semester. This form contains questions about previous criminal activity or behavior that resulted in disciplinary action.

Criminal Background Check
The UAF Counseling Program requires all students seeing clients in the UAF Psychology Department Clinic during COUN F634 Practicum in Individual Counseling to complete a national-level criminal background check, initiated and completed by the student, through the Federal Bureau of Investigation

        Professional Characteristics Feedback

Through the program of study, you will be given feedback concerning your personal, academic, and professional strengths, weaknesses, and performance. This feedback will come from faculty, supervisors, peers, and clients. 

The UAF Clinical Mental Health Clinic
The UAF Clinical Mental Health Clinic is a mental health facility jointly operated by the School of Education Counseling Program and the Psychology Department’s Psychology Doctoral program. The clinic is dedicated to providing treatment services to the city of Fairbanks and the surrounding communities. The facility is equipped to provide counseling services to clients, training, and supervision. The clinical suite includes a waiting/reception area and a records/reception office containing locked storage for client files. The Counseling Clinic has five individual counseling rooms and one group counseling room. All counseling rooms are equipped with video recording equipment and are wheelchair accessible. The videoconference rooms are equipped with DVRs for use in recording counseling sessions and there is the ability to conduct live supervision. The protection of client confidentiality is assured by restricted access to the videoconference rooms, electronic health records for client files, restricted access to the records room, and voluntary compliance with the HIPAA standards for privacy.

 Students are required to complete an annual disclosure form and background check prior to working in the clinic. Before being allowed to work with clients, students attend a mandatory training on HIPAA compliance and complete training to work on the clinic’s electronic health records software, Titanium.

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