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School Counselor Certification

On campus and distance options available!
  • Classes in the M. Ed. in Counseling program are offered in the evening on campus in Fairbanks and by distance delivery through a combination of audio conference, video conference, and online classes.
  • In person attendance requirement: Two classes in the program can be taken only in Fairbanks as they require direct supervision from program faculty (COUN F634, Practicum in Individual Counseling; COUN F674 Group Counseling). These courses are offered in a 6-week summer session for our distance students.
  • Internship requirement: Students must be able to participate in daytime internships. Each internship requires 20 hours per week on site throughout the semester. The number of internships needed varies based on the degree concentration sought. See degree requirements for more details. Internships may be completed outside of Fairbanks.

 UAF offers classes online, in person, through computer conference (Pexip Videoconference or Blackboard Collaborate), and by audio conference.

Here’s what each option means:
In person
 – Students who live in Fairbanks or the surrounding area may attend classes in person on campus. A Fairbanks-based instructor will be in the classroom teaching the class. Distance students may be connected to the class through audio conference, videoconference or Blackboard Collaborate.

 Audio conference – An audio conference class meets over the phone. To join an audio conference course, students need a phone with a mute button. A dial in number and a conference pin number will be provided in the class syllabus or Blackboard site. At the specified class times students call to listen and participate in class.


 Videoconference (Pexip) – A videoconference course meets through the computer. To join a videoconference class students need a computer with a camera and enough Internet bandwidth to maintain streaming connection. A Pexip web link, videoconference ID, and pin number will be provided in the syllabus or Blackboard site. At the specified class times students log into the Pexip website to enter the ID and pin number. Participants see the class of students and instructor in Fairbanks on the screen and their image is projected back to the class. Note: Videoconference classrooms are located in some Alaska communities. Students may attend class in one of these classrooms if it is available.

 Blackboard Collaborate – Blackboard Collaborate is an online meeting and class space. Users connect to Blackboard Collaborate through a computer with Internet connection. Within the Collaborate space, instructors and students interact using a number of methods such as text chat, audio and video. Information about how to connect to Blackboard Collaborate will be included in your syllabus and Blackboard course site.

 Online/Hybrid – In an online/hybrid course most of the participation is online with scattered synchronous* class meetings throughout the semester. Class meetings are held in various formats (in person, audio, video, collaborate) but will always be available for distance students. Sometimes class meetings are mandatory; other times students may attend or listen to the recorded class at a later time. Participation requirements will be in the class syllabus and on the Blackboard course site.

 Online/Asynchronous ** – An asynchronous online course is a class that meets entirely online. There are deadlines for assignments and required postings to the online discussion boards but there is no class meeting time.

 *Synchronous – occurring at the same time
**Asynchronous – not occurring at the same time

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