Master of Education in Online Innovation & Design

About the Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design

This 30 - credit master's degree is designed for K-12 teachers interested in more effectively utilizing technology in the classroom, including preparing lessons, tutorials, and activities that can be completed by students online. The degree will also be beneficial for K-12 teachers, librarians and professionals in higher education or business who are interested in designing web-based learning materials, including full classes or programs to be delivered asynchronously online.

Today’s constantly changing technology makes people adapt the way they think and learn. Instructors, whether in a school or business setting, need to understand technology-based instructional design to best instruct a tech-minded audience. The fully online Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design (ONID) equips graduates to create and facilitate meaningful learning experiences for the online environment. These skills are increasingly important as schools implement smart classrooms and one-to-one programs that put computers and handheld devices into the hands of students at all grade levels, and as more businesses adopt online learning for employees. This program trains teachers to use these tools in productive ways in the classroom or online learning environment.

The ONID program is intended to be a two-year program and is perfectly suited for those who cannot attend traditional campus-based classes, including busy professionals.



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