About Our Faculty and Staff

Dr. John Heaton

photograph of Professor John Heaton

Department Chair and Professor

605B Gruening Building



Dr. Heaton is a historian who teaches and researches Amerian Indian history, the American West, and the United States. He is currently the Executive Director of the Western History Association and holds the  Arthur T. Fathauer Chair of History.

Dr. Sine Anahita

photo of Dr. Sine Anahita, Alaska's fiddling sociologist

Associate Professor in Sociology

702C Gruening


Dr. Anahita teaches and researches organized inequalities--how organizations, states, and institutions organize social inequality based on race, class, sex, sexuality, gender, age, spatiality, looks, dis/ability, and other markers of difference. Dr. A is Alaska's fiddling sociologist, and is the Chapter Representative for Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the international sociology honor society.

Visit Dr. Anahita's website 

Dr. David Kadanoff

photo of Dr. David Kadanoff

Term Assistant Professor

704A Gruening


Dr. Kadanoff primarily teaches SOC 100X, Individual Culture & Society, which is our most popular course. In Fall 2016, he will teach Social Problems SOC 201. He is also the faculty advisor for the SoC Club.


Patty Seifert

Administrative Assistant

702 Gruening



Ms. Seifert is our Administrative Assistant. She loves to help students locate the resources they need. She can help you with general inquiries about the department, assist you in finding an adviser, or tell you the location of your professor's office. 

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