The Department of Sociology is a friendly and small department where you will get to know other students and your faculty. Our program is unique because it focuses on the study of inequalities and social justice. Our vision is to expand understanding of inequalities and to work towards social justice. We believe that the sociological perspective can make special contributions towards realizing social justice.


The Department of Sociology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks seeks to contribute to the broader intellectual mission of the university by sharing the sociological perspective through teaching and research on social issues, especially those concerning social justice and pertaining to the North and its diverse peoples.


The Department of Sociology has the following goals:

•  to facilitate student learning of the discipline and craft of sociology;
•  to prepare students for advanced study in sociology, professional schools in other fields, and life-long learning;
•  to advance sociological and social science knowledge through original research; and
•  to employ sociological expertise through service to the university, the community and the state of Alaska.