Annual reports

A complete compendium of reports on the calendar year's research at SNRE and AFES, the annual report provides a snapshot of each research project conducted by faculty, graduate students, and other researchers, detailing the purpose of the project, the approach taken, the progress or results of the project, and the impact those results have and their implications for Alaska. Topics are grouped into five broad themes: geographic information, high-latitude agriculture, high-latitude soils, management of ecosystems, and natural resources use and allocation. Reports are indexed for easy searches, and bookmarked by section. A financial statement, grants listing, faculty list, and student statistics are also included. The current report is for the previous calendar year.


  • Letter from the Dean
  • AFES Statement of Purpose
  • Financial Statement
  • Grants
  • Students
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Current Issue


2013 - MP 2014-07 Annual Report 2013

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on the cover: Mingchu Zhang checking canola variety trial plots at the Fairbanks Experiment Farm


2012 Annual Report

2012 annual report cover
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On the cover: Meriam Karlsson in the controlled environment facility with “Sunny Smile” dwarf sunflowers, grown as part of a series of experiments to test crop response to light emitting diodes.


2010-11 Annual Report

2010-11 annual report cover
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on the cover:  Geography Awareness Week, hosted by the UA Geography Program, a department of SNRAS, included an event on Nov. 19 at the UAF Wood Center based on the theme “Geography: the Adventure in Your Community.” Pearl Creek Elementary School fourth grade teacher Mary Maisch brought a huge 3-D map of Alaska her students made. The detailed relief map featured rivers, mountain ranges, parks, forests, cities and villages.


2010 - MP2011-01 Annual Report 2009

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on the cover: helicopter flying near a fire on Nenana Ridge, outside of Fairbanks.

Covering SNRAS' partners, facilities, research sites, programs, and research in geography, high latitude agriculture and soils, management of ecosystems, and natural resources use and allocation, the annual report for calendar year 2009 shows the breadth of scientific research we do. From marine transportation policy to artificial insemination of reindeer, from biofuels to peony production, from phosphorus and carbon in northern soils to climate change and the anthropology of wood use, from crab fisheries management to wetlands habitat in Fairbanks, our scientists and students are on the cutting edge of modern scientific discovery.


2009 - MP2009-11 Annual Report 2008

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on the cover: Ayla Ongtooguk-Guritz, two, with a peony growing in the experiment plots at the Georgeson Botanical Garden, on the Fairbanks Experiment Farm

AFES and SNRAS have been working with the School of Management and the Alaska Peony Growers Association on peony cultivation and marketing.


Past Issues


2008 - MP008-7 Annul Report 2007

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on the cover: Sweet peas at the Georgeson Botanical Garden


2007 - MP 2007-03 Annual Report 2006

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on the cover: Controlled environment: a greenhouse with tomato trellises at Chena Hot Springs (see p. 20)



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