The executive team for the BAK LAP includes: Glenn P. Juday PhD (Professor of Forest Ecology, UAF SNRE AFES), Janice Dawe PhD (Assistant Research Professor and OneTree Alaska Director, UAF SNRE), and Thomas A. Grant III PhD (Assistant Research Professor, UAF SNRE). 


Individual responsibilities include:

  • Glenn Juday is the Primary Investigator (PI) and Project Director of BAK LAP. Primary responsibilities include: providing the overarching program direction and coordination between the research, education and outreach activities; oversight of budget expenditures; coordination of research activities with Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources (Division of Forestry) and other relevant parties. Dr. Juday will be directly involved in analysis of research projects and publication of results. 
  • Janice Dawe is a co-PI and Director for Education and Outreach. Primary responsibilities include the direction of OneTree Alaska’s education activities in school classrooms, development of informal education programs, curriculum development, organization of the entrepreneur camp, oversight of citizen scientist programs, and coordination with BAK LAP executive team. Dr. Dawe will supervise several employees and coordination with teachers and contractors. Once the funding is received and the project commences the procedures for her appointment to research faculty status will be initiated. 
  • Thomas Grant is a co-PI and BAK LAP project manager. Responsibilities include coordination of research activities and assistance with integration of research with education and outreach. Research activities include extensive fieldwork through interior Alaska, management of field crews and laboratory staff, data management, statistical analysis, and publication and presentation of scientific results. Dr. Grant will assist with integration of research, education, and outreach through instruction in formal and informal classes, providing assistance for curriculum development, and technical assistance for electronic media. Once the funding is received and the project commences the procedures for his appointment to research faculty status will be initiated. 


  • Zac Meyers - Instructional Designer (STEAM Education & Outreach, Augmented Reality, OneTree Alaska)
  • David Spencer - Research Technician in Climate and Tree Ring Lab (CTRL)
  • Ryan Jess - Research Technician Climate and Tree Ring Lab (CTRL)

BAKLAP Graduate Students


Miho Morimoto (PhD Student)

My research focuses on forest regeneration post harvest and harvest scheduling for increasing wood demand for biomass energy. The study area is Fairbanks area of Tanana Valley State Forest. This will address one of the important goals of BAKLAP which is to assess management practices to improve the value of Alaska's forests in meeting the rapidly expanding demand for wood biomass energy in a changing environment.


Andrew Allaby (MS Student)

Andrew Allaby is studying how silvicultural techniques impact boreal forest regeneration after disturbance.  Specifically, his work involves updating and analyzing growth measurements in a 1985 experiment following wildfire and subsequent salvage logging.  Ultimately this research may clarify questions about forest growth and biomass accumulation for key commercial species.

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