Gary Kofinas

Professor Emeritus of Resource Policy & Management


Appointments and affiliations:
Department of Natural Resources
Institute of Arctic Biology
Resilience and Adaptation Program

Contact information:
Phone: 907-474-7078
Fax: 907-474-6967
Location: 128 Arctic Health Research Building

Full CV

Curriculum vitae:
B. A., 1975, University of North Carolina Greensboro
M. S. T., 1978, Antioch/New England Graduate School
Ph.D., 1998, University of British Columbia


Local-to-Global Sustainability, Integrated Assessment & Adaptive Management, Resilience Graduate Seminar, and Resilience Internship. All were graduate courses cross listed with Bio, Anthro, Econ, and NRM. 

Research interests:

  • Resilience of northern rural communities as social-ecological systems
  • Community-based resource stewardship, adaptive co-management institutions
  • local knowledge in ecological monitoring and assessment
  • social networks of subsistence-cash economies
  • the science and practice of transdisciplinary research

Examples of research support:

  • Modeling harvesting behavior to understand adaptation, mitigation, and transformation in northern subsistence systems. National Science Foundation -   Arctic Social Science Program.
  • Cumulative Effects of Arctic Oil Development - Planning and Designing for Sustainability - National Science Foundatioin
  • Alaska Adapting to Environmental Change. Northern Test Case Leader. National Science Foundation EPSCoR
  • The Study of Sharing Networks to Assess the Vulnerabilities of Local Communities to Oil and Gas Development Impacts in Arctic Alaska, (BOEM formely), Mineral Management Services US Department of Interior.

Examples of publications:

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Berman, M., Kofinas, G., and BurnSilver, S. (Forthcoming in 2016). Measuring Community Adaptive and Transformative Capacity in the Arctic Context, in Arctic Sustainabilities, Gail Fondahl and Gary Wilson (eds.), Heidelberg: Springer. 

Kofinas, Gary, Sarah Abdelrahim, Marcus Carson, F. Stuart Chapin III, Joel Clement, Nancy Fresco, Anne Gunn, Garry Peterson, Andrey N. Petrov, Allyson Quinlan, Martin Sommerkorn, Alice Veazey, (2016). Building resilience in the Arctic: From theory to practice in Arctic Council (2016). Arctic Resilience Report. M. Carson and G. Peterson (eds). Stockholm Environment Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm. 

Baggio, J. A., S. B. BurnSilver, A. Arenas, J. S. Magdanz, G. P. Kofinas and M. De Domenico (2016). "Multiplex social ecological network analysis reveals how social changes affect community robustness more than resource depletion." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(48): 13708-13713. 

Brinkman, T. J., W. D. Hansen, F. S. Chapin, G. Kofinas, S. BurnSilver and T. S. Rupp (2016). "Arctic communities perceive climate impacts on access as a critical challenge to availability of subsistence resources." Climatic Change 139(3): 413-427. 

Past and current graduate students and postdoctoral fellows:

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Shauna BurnSilver (post doc 2009- 2011); Marcy Okada (MS NRM 2010); Chanda Meek (PhD INDS 2009), Stacia Backensto (MS Bio 2009); Jean Guzzettei (MS NRM 2007); Colin Shanley (MS Bio 2008); Elisabeth Robins Padilla (MS Bio 2010); Dixie Dayo (PhD INDS); Jim Powell (PhD INDS, 2012); Colette de Roo (PhD Nat Res and Sustainability); Archana Bali (PhD INDS 2016); Gabriella Halas (MS NRM 2016); Allison Butler Woodward (PhD Bio, current); Jiake Zhou (PhD Bio, current); Tracie Curry (PhD INDS Sustainability, current); Matt Spru (MA Northern Studies – current). 

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