Giving to SNRE

Support the School of Natural Resources and Extension!

There are several different - and easy - ways to give to SNRE and AFES that will help support research and education in agriculture, forest sciences, animal husbandry, ecosystems and natural resources management, and outdoor recreation in the North. Make sure to specify that you are giving to the School of Natural Resources and Extension (SNRE)!
For more information about SNRE, see our list of programs and facilities.

Give online

One way to give is to fill out the secure online contribution form (credit card payment).

Complete the information in the "Tell us about yourself" section. In the "Tell us about your gift" section please select "other" when asked where you would like to direct your gift. In the next field regarding additional comments, put "School of Natural Resources and Extension" If you would like to specify a particular SNRE program, include that name as well.


Give through the mail

Make your check out to "UA Foundation" and mail it to the School of Natural Resources and Extension:

c/o UA Foundation
910 Yukon Drive, Ste 106
P.O. Box 755080
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775


Opportunities to support your favorite program

You may donate to the school at large, or target a specific department, program, laboratory, or scholarship. Below is a list of several to choose from:

Facilities and Laboratories





  • Bonita J. Neiland Scholarship
  • Clarence Berry Fellowship in Mining and Resources
  • Eugene Evancoe Scholarship
  • John B. and Mae M. Hakala Scholarship
  • Lowell Thomas Jr. Scholarship
  • Lawrence Tingook Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • Mil Zahn Memorial/Alaska Fish & Wildlife Safeguard Scholarship
  • Paul Greimann Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard E. Lee Endowment
  • Richard Grey Smith Scholarship
  • Society of American Foresters/Richard W. and Margery Tindall Scholarship
  • Society of American Foresters (SAF) Dixon Entrance Chapter Scholarship
  • Ted Dixon Memorial Scholarship
  • Yu Quan Liu/Long Jin Huang/Yue-Ming Chou (Li Huang Chou) Scholarship

Scholarship details

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