Faculty & Staff Directory

Vice Provost for Outreach and Extension

Fred Schlutt Schlutt, Fred 907-474-7246 fred.schlutt@alaska.edu Vice Provost for Outreach and Extension
picture not provided Kloepfer, Carmen 907-474-5807 cckloepfer@alaska.edu Assistant to the Vice Provost/Director

SNRE/AFES Director's Office

Shipka Shipka, Milan 907-474-7429 mpshipka@alaska.edu Director of the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, Director of Research Programs
Valentine Valentine, David 907-474-7614 dvalentine@alaska.edu Director of Academic Programs
image not provided Donaldson, Cathy 907-474-7188 cdonaldson@alaska.edu Academic Program Assistant

Akasofu Building

E. Sparrow Sparrow, Elena 907-474-7699 ebsparrow@alaska.edu Education Outreach Director/Research Professor

Arctic Health Research Building

Blodgett Blodgett, Darrell 907-474-7516 dsblodgett@alaska.edu IS System Technician
photo not available Hollingsworth, Jamie 907-474-7470 jamie.hollingsworth@alaska.edu Site Manager, Bonanza Creek LTER
photo not available Hollingsworth, Teresa 907-474-2424 tnhollingsworth@alaska.edu Research Ecologist
Karlsson Karlsson, Meriam 907-474-7005; 907-474-1538 (fax) mgkarlsson@alaska.edu Professor of Horticulture, Department Chair: Agriculture and Horticulture
McBeath McBeath, Jenifer 907-474-7431; 907-474-6099 (fax) jhmcbeath@alaska.edu Professor of Plant Pathology/Biotechnology

Fairbanks Experiment Farm

Carr Carr, Erin 907-474-5449 elcarr@alaska.edu Reindeer Research Program Animal Caretaker/Research Technician
photo not available DiCristina, Katherine 907-474-6921 kmdicristina@alaska.edu Research Technician, Georgeson Botanical Garden
Tonne Tonne, Alan 907-474-7627; 907-474-1974 awtonne@alaska.edu Farm Manager

Matanuska Experiment Farm & Extension Center (MEFEC)

photo not available Ericksen, Jim 907-745-4866 jlericksen@alaska.edu Maintenance Mechanic
Fochs, Kevin 907-746-9472   FFA State Advisor
no photo provided  Bird, Jessica 907-746-9450 jrbird@alaska.edu  Administrative Generalist
no photo provided Palmer, Deb No Phone Available djpalmer@alaska.edu Research Aide

O'Neill Building

Dawe Dawe, Jan 907-474-5907 jan.dawe@alaska.edu Assistant Research Professor
Finstad Finstad, Greg 907-474-6055 glfinstad@alaska.edu Manager, Reindeer Research Program, Research Associate Professor
Fix Fix, Peter 907-474-6926 pjfix@alaska.edu Associate Professor of Outdoor Recreation Management
Greenberg Greenberg, Joshua 907-474-7189 jagreenberg@alaska.edu Associate Professor of Resource Economics
photo not available Morimoto, Miho  907-474-1973 mmorimoto@alaska.edu Research Technician
Oliver Oliver, Lola 907-474-7114 lkoliver@alaska.edu Forest Soils Lab Supervisor
photo not available Ranft, Richard  907-474-7467 raranft@alaska.edu Forest Soils Lab Technician
Rowell Rowell, Jan 907-474-6009 jerowell@alaska.edu Research Assistant Professor
photo not available Todd, Susan 907-474-6930 sktodd@alaska.edu Associate Professor of Resource Planning
photo not provided Trainor, Sarah 907-474-7878 sarah.trainor@alaska.edu Assistant Professor of Social Ecological Systems Sustainability
Verbyla Verbyla, David 907-474-5553 dlverbyla@alaska.edu Professor of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Natural Resources
photo not available Zhang, Mingchu 907-474-7004 mzhang3@alaska.edu Professor of Agronomy/Soil Sciences

SNRE Business Office

Gibson Gibson, Martin 907-474-6351 mpgibson@alaska.edu Accounting Technician
image not provided Kelly, Anna-Mariah  907-474-6353 afkelly@alaska.edu Fiscal Officer 
image not provided Likar, Serena 907-474-5994 sllikar@alaska.edu Travel Coodinator
Picture not provided Peterson, Steve 907-474-7053 slpeterson@alaska.edu IS Technician
image not provided Ridenour, Katie 907-474-5573 ksridenour@alaska.edu Travel Coordinator

SNRE Communications Unit

picture not available Carter, Debbie 907-474-5406 dscarter@alaska.edu Editor/Writer
picture not available Fay, Jeff 907-474-5349 Media Specialist
picture not available Morton, Mallory 907-474-6363 memorton2@alaska.edu Web Specialist
picture not available Paul, Katrina 907-474-5116 klpaul@alaska.edu Office Coordinator
picture not available Sparks, Juella 907-474-7115 juella.sparks@alaska.edu Director of Communications & Outreach
picture not available Springer, Martha 907-474-7268 mispringer@alaska.edu Layout/Editor


photo not available Carling, Donald     Professor of Horticulture, Emeritus
photo not available Epps, Alan     Professor of Natural Resources, Emeritus
Fox Fox, John   jdfox@alaska.edu Associate Professor of Land Resources, Emeritus
photo not available Gasbarro, Anthony   afgasbarro@alaska.edu Associate Professor of Forestry Extension, Emeritus
Holloway Holloway, Patricia 907-474-6686; 907-474-1841 (fax) psholloway@alaska.edu Professor of Horticulture, Director, Georgeson Botanical Garden, Emeritus
photo not available Husby, Fredric     Professor of Animal Science, Dean, Emeritus
photo not available Jubenville, Alan     Professor of Resource Management, Emeritus
Juday Juday, Glenn 907-474-6717; 907-474-5395 (lab) gpjuday@alaska.edu Professor of Forest Ecology, Emeritus
photo not available Knight, Charles     Associate Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus
Lewis Lewis, Carol   celewis@alaska.edu Professor of Resource Management, Dean, Emeritus
photo not available McKendrick, Jay     Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus
photo not available Mitchell, William     Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus
photo not available Packee, Edmond     Professor of Forest Management, Emeritus
photo not available Restad, Sigmund     Assistant Director of AFES, Emeritus
Sparrow Sparrow, Stephen 907-474-7670 sdsparrow@alaska.edu Professor, Interim Dean & Director, SNRE/AFES, Emeritus
photo not available Van Cleve, Keith      Professor of Forestry, Emeritus
photo not available Weeden, Robert     Professor of Resource Management, Emeritus
photo not available  Yarie, John 907-474-5650 jayarie@alaska.edu  
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