Mobile Scaffold Users Quiz

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1. A hard hat must be worn whenever you work on, or within the work zone below, of a scaffold

2. How far should you keep from energized power lines when working from a scaffold?

3. Which is an acceptable use of a scaffold?

4. Because metal frame scaffolds are conductive, electrical power tools, cords, etc., that suffer insulation failure can electrify the entire scaffold. To prevent this, all portable electric equipment must be protected by:

5. When is fall protection required on a scaffold?

6. Which is not an Aerial Lift?

7. A worker intentionally disconnected an operational tilt sensor on his scissor lift. The lift eventually tipped over, fatally injuring the operator. What was the primary cause of this accident?

8. Access and egress on scaffolds shall be done using:

9. If the scaffold is covered in snow, you can continue working on the scaffold as long as you follow safe work practices.

10. Scaffold inspections should be performed:

11. To prevent objects from falling off the scaffold and hitting persons below, you should:

12. The most common type of accident involving a scissor-type lift is the tip-over. Which is not a common cause of tip-over?

13. Scaffolds shall be capable of supporting, without failure

14. How high must toeboards be installed on all open sides of the platform?

15. You should never work outdoors on a scaffold in high winds or storms

16. Scaffold erectors and dismantlers should receive general overview training and scaffold-specific training for the type of supported or suspended scaffold being erected or dismantled

17. When is scaffold "re-training" required?

18. The best resource for finding safety information on your specific mobile scaffold can be found:

19. Scaffolding can only be altered

20. Which type of mobile scaffold is lightweight with fast assembly and dismantling usually needing no special tools?

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