Required Training for all UAF Employees

Employee Safety Orientation - Upon hire

Hazard Communication GHS - Upon hire

Office Safety (general) - Upon hire

Slips, Trips and Falls - Upon hire

Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP) - Upon hire

  Department specific, talk to your supervisor 

Title IX Training - DUE Upon Hire

QUIZ is only for those who have completed the Title IX training via video conference/face to face session or slide review.

Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Training via Skillsoft - Not required to take quiz if completing Skillsoft training.

TWO Trainings Required for Protection of Minors DUE Upon Hire

Awareness Training: Protection of Minors Training - Upon Hire

Please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as your browser when taking the United Educators Training.  Firefox does not interface well with the training program.

EduRisk will be updating course content for the Protection of Minors training in the near future. If you have not completed the EduRisk training by March 11, you will be required to start (or restart) the course from the beginning when the it becomes available.

Training A - Protection of Minors: Awareness Training (EduRisk SM101-H How Teachers and Other Educators...Higher Ed.)

Training B  - Protection of Minors: Policy and Reporting Procedure Training

Policy and Reporting Procedure Training - Upon Hire

Please review the policy and reporting procedures before taking the quiz. There is no powerpoint for this training.

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