Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what trainings I am required to complete?
This is a two part answer.
1.  All employees regardless of their employment status (staff, faculty, student employee, temporary) are required to complete the basic 4 trainings listed the EHS website .   In addition, employees need to complete the Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP).   This is department-specific, talk to your supervisor for further information.

2. You may have additional required training based on your actual job duties.  Examples, Driving a UAF vehicle, using a ladder, hand and power tools, working in a lab, and many other activities have a required training component. Additionally Human Resources, your supervisor, department, etc. may require other trainings.

How do I know which basic required safety trainings I have completed?
Logon to Intelex, employees are able to logon, view, and complete all the basic trainings and other specific trainings. You can also contact Aisha Peters, 474-7889

How do I logon and access Intelex?

Follow the instrauctions given in the Intelex Training ppt.

Where do I complete required training?
The EHSRM website lists the required training and links.

How do I get a copy of my training record?

You can email Aisha 474-7889

Who decides what training is required?
Chancellor Rogers signed UAF Policy 04.07.010 on October 20, 2010 outlining required trainings and authority to determine additional trainings relevant to an employee’s job. Link to policy 04.07.010

Why does my logon to Intelex fail?
1. If you accessed Intelex through the direct link provided above and bookmarked or saved the link to favorites without changing the link properties, logon will fail.
Solution: Follow the instruction provided in the "How to use Intelex" link.

2. If you are a new employee, your OIT credentials may not have cleared yet.
Solution: Intelex is updated every Monday morning. Your access to Intelex should be available on the Monday following your OIT credentials being cleared.

Why am I having trouble accessing SkillSoft?
This is almost always a Java problem.
Solution: Update you current version of Java