UAF Programs & Camps with Minors

At UAF we have hundreds of youth coming to campus to learn and to have a small taste of what UAF is about. In order to assist the multiple groups that work with the youth and represent UAF to these young people,  this website will provide some guidance to help.  

Background Check Process

UAF Human Resources provides for background checks for employees or volunteers that are working with minors in camps or UAF events. To begin Fill out the background check and submit it to UAF Human Resources by

E-mailing the scanned completed form to: ; OR

Mail the completed form to:  PO Box 757860  Fairbanks, AK 99775; OR 

Drop off in person at:
Administrative Services Building
3295 College Road, Rm 108
Fairbanks, AK 99709

Check with Human Resources at 907-474-7700 to see if it is complete.

What Training should I take?

IF you are responsible for, in control of or care for minors on or off campus without parent/guardian expected presence


⇒  You are a UAF employee, OR
You are a UAF volunteer, OR
⇒  You are directing the supervisors, chaperones, volunteers,
       and employees in the program, 
⇒  You are hiring or screening the potential supervisors, chaperones, volunteers, or employees.


You must take the training through United Educators, available online.  Click here to begin your training

Residential Programs

If you do have a program where minors are staying at UAF facilities, camping, or traveling below are guides to help with that part of your program

UAF Housing

If you are using UAF Housing for your programs, be sure and contact Kate Avery at (907) 474 5846 or to reserve your rooms. 

In addition to the reservation, you will need to provide on-site adults that will be in charge of the minors staying the dorms.  The staff of Res Life is unable to provide this service and minors are unable to stay without that adult participation.

Non-UAF Group

If you are an outside group with minors requesting to use rooms in our facilities, we do require that you certify that the adults staying with the minors:

1.  Have been trained and certified in the identification, prevention
     and reporting of sexual abuse of minors: 
2.  Has undergone a local, state and nationwide criminal background
     check and national sex offender registry check; and
3.  The organization must provide an insurance rider, endorsement or
     secondary policy that names the University as an additional insured.
     If this is unavailable under a current insurance policy, it can be purchased

Please use this form for the Certification:  POM Certification

 UAF Camp, Activity, Event

As with the Non-UAF Group you will need to have adult counselors that stay with your attendees at Residence Life dorms. Your counselors will be designated at Authorized Adults and will need to take all of the training required as well as the background check.  We also suggest that you have the following in place:

1.  Code of Conduct signed by the attendee that includes the expectation
     of the attendees while staying at the dorm.
2.  Emergency numbers for each of the attendees, including contact 
     information for their parents and guardians.
3.  Work with Residence life to obtain a copy of their emergency action plan for
     fire and other emergency issues that could occur such as fire, earthquake,
      an active shooter, etc. and prepare your attendees on what to do and where
      to meet.
4.   Limited access to your attendees.
5.   Reasonable accommodations for cis-gender and transgender minors participating.


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