Events with Minors

Non-UAF Events and Facility Rentals with Minors

University Regulation R09.12.090 Protection of Minors has clarified requirements for third party events that occur on UAF Campuses.  All personnel that have direct contact with minors will be held to the same standard as employees and volunteers of UA.  Prior to holding an event or renting a facility where third parties will be bringing minors on to campus the following must be provided through a certification process [Certification Form (PDF)]:

  1. All personnel with direct contact with minors must be trained and certified in identification, prevention and reporting of sexual abuse of minors and undergo a local, state, and nationwide criminal background check and national sex offender registry check. A Protection of Minors Certification Form must be submitted to prior to approval of your event or facility use agreement.
  2. The certification form certifies that none of the parties working with minors at your event or under the facility use agreement have been convicted of a crime of violence, neglect, reckless endangerment or abuse against a minor; are a registered sex offender; or have been convicted of possession of child pornography.
  3. You and your personnel will adhere to your written policy related to supervision of minors.
  4. You must provide proof of abuse insurance and list UAF as additional insured. Normally this is a rider on your general liability insurance - contact your insurance agent for information. If you are unable to secure this insurance, UA does provide an option for a short-term event: Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP).

Please direct any questions to:

Becca Whitman