'Virtual' Ergonomic Evaluation

For University employees working at rural campuses, we have set up a Virtual Ergonomic Evaluations process were we can now do an evaluation via e-mail using digital pictures.


Take photos from four different positions:

  • On the right side while the person is seated.
  • On the left side while the person is seated.
  • Over the person's shoulder showing the monitor, keyboard, and mouse (pointing device.)
  • A wide angle shot with the person not in the office.

Using a scanner or digital camera software, load the photos onto your computer and save as jpegs.

Open a blank Word document. Type the following:

  • Employee's name
  • Department assigned to
  • Immediate supervisors name
  • Date photos were taken
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • A list with explanations of any pain or discomfort the employee has felt in the past six months.

Still in Word document, choose the Insert/Picture/From File. Insert the pictures one after another with spaces in between.

Save the Word file.

Email to Carol Shafford , attach the Word document and send email.


An evaluation will take place once the email has been received. Please be sure to have the employees phone number and email address on the Word document.