Spill Prevention

UAF handles many oil products from gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils to food grade oils as well as hazardous material. Proper storage and containment for all products are important to reduce water and soil contamination on campus should a spill occur. See what we are doing.

Air Quality

Outside and inside air quality is important to a healthy living environment. UAF is working to reduce it emissions that may affect air quality in the FNSB area -- particularly PM2.5. See what we are doing and what you can do.


UAF produces its own drinking water. Find out more.

Did you know that over 70% of Alaska is designated as wetlands? Before you disturb the ground, you need to know your legal requirements.

Did you know that rain and snowmelt (precipitation) can flow all the way to the Chena River from the Fairbanks Campus? Find out about what we do to protect our community water from contamination.

Staying Green

UAF is working to support reductions in air pollutants by looking at biofuels for the new power plant, installation of solar panels, and reduction of heat and power usage; provides recycling opportunities for paper, plastic, and glass; and replacement of hazardous chemicals with greener substitutes – to name a few.  See what UAF’s Office of Sustainability is doing and other options for recycling in Fairbanks (PDF).