Emergency Services and Public Safety

The College of Rural and Community Development offers a two year associate of applied science degree in Emergency Service. The program provides a unique learning environment where students can obtain classroom education, hands-on training and practical vocational experience through local fire and rescue organizations.

The program offers students a fundamental working knowledge of the various aspects of municipal fire, wildland fire, emergency medical services, hazardous materials control, and public safety. A large pool of instructors provides a high level of technical expertise on a variety of specialty emergency services.

The primary goal of this program is to make our students the most attarctive candidates for job openings and promotions within the fire services and related fields. The program has an extremely successful placement rate for our graduates, and it is one of the top fifteen programs in the country in terms of number of degrees conferred.

Degree Requirements

Associate degrees in municipal fire control, wildland fire control, hazardous materials control, emergency medical services, and public safety are offered. Many of our courses are offered on the weekends or in the evenings so as to accomodate working students, in particular, those that are already in the emergency services profession.

Occupational Endorsement




John George

Coordinator, Emergency Services Program

UAF Community and Technical College
P.O. Box 758120
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775
Phone: (907) 455-2879
Fax: 907-455-2813
Email: jgeorge@alaska.edu


Dusty (Don) Johnson

Coordinator, Law Enforcement Academy
Public Safety and Law Enforcement (OE) program head

Community and Technical College
PO Box 758120 Fairbanks, AK 99775
Phone: (907) 455-2811
Fax: (907) 455-2813
Email: dpjohnson@alaska.edu


Chuck Kuhns

Coordinator, Medical Services and Paramedic Programs

Community and Technical College
109 University Park
PO Box 758120 Fairbanks, AK 99775-8120
Phone: (907) 455-2895
Fax: 907-455-2813
Email: cmkuhns@alaska.edu

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