CRCD Scholars Award

crcd scholars flyer thumbnailAY 2020-21 Scholarships

Announcement Date: June 18, 2020

Funding Periods: Fall 2020, Spring 2021



The University of Alaska Fairbanks received funds provided by Congress under Section 18004 (a)(2) of the CARES Act, “Strengthening Institutions Program and Minority Serving Institutions”. The College of Rural and Community Development (CRCD) will receive $250,000 of this distribution, in support of “Recruitment, Retention and/or Completions”.

This funding provides support to higher education students affected during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be made available for eligible CRCD students through the 2021 semester (FY21).


  • The CRCD Scholars Award is available to degree seeking students enrolled in any CRCD degree program or attending through any rural campus in the Dillingham, Kotzebue, Bethel, Nome, and Interior Alaska regions.
  • Students must be admitted to UAF or have applied for University of Alaska Fairbanks admissions for the semester in which they are applying for funding.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 3 UAF credits.
  • Students must submit a 2020/21 FAFSA ( to be considered for funding. Campuses and departments are responsible to ensure award eligibility within the University of Alaska system.
  • If a student drops course(s) and falls below the minimum number of credits required, then the CRCD Scholars award will be reversed from the student’s account. Students must maintain CRCD Scholars Award enrollment requirements ( > 3 credits) to remain CRCD Scholars award eligible.  Students falling below minimum enrollment status at any time will subsequently result in CRCD Scholars award funds reversed from the student’s account.


Students may receive up to but may not exceed the following amounts:

  • Part-time students: $750 per semester (totaling $1,500 for FY21)
  • Full-time students: $1,500 per semester (totaling $3,000 for FY21)

The minimum number of credits are as follows: 3-6 credits for part-time ($750) and 7+ credits for full-time ($1,500).

Eligible students may reapply for CRCD Scholars Award funding every semester through 2021 in which they are enrolled. The CRCD Scholars Award funding can be used to cover the following:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books and course materials
  • Admission application fees
  • Housing / Meals
  • Graduation application fees

Scholarships MAY NOT be used to lift student holds or to pay off existing student debt.


Applications can be completed online using the following link or you can download a paper application and submit to your CRCD campus/department advisor. 


Bristol Bay Campus 

Jami Creasey
Phone: 907-842-5109
Toll Free: 800-478-5109
Fax: 907-842-5692

Chukchi Campus 

Katie Iten
Phone: 907 442-5053
Toll Free: 800-478-3402
Fax: 907-442-2322

Interior Alaska Campus 

Angela Rutman
Phone: 907-474-5826
Toll Free: 888-474-5207
Fax: 907-474-5208

Kuskokwim Campus 

Dorothy Chase
Phone: 907-543-4500
Toll Free: 800-478-5822
Fax: 907-543-4527

Northwest Campus 

Kacey Miller
Phone: 907-443-8416
Toll Free: 800-478-5822
Fax: 907-443-5602

Child Development and Family Studies

Veronica Plumb
Phone: 907-455-2038
Toll Free: 888-560-5860
Fax: 907-474-5232

Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development 

Selina Sam
Phone: 907-474-5948
Fax: 907-474-6325

College of Rural and Community Development

Phone: 907-474-1916
Toll-free: 1-866-478-2721
Fax: 907-474-5824