Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Fee Schedule

Required General Fees (both resident and non-resident) 

ASUAF fee (3 credits or more)


Athletics (required for 3 credits or more)

$10 per credit to a maximum of $120
Health insuranceAnnual: $2,056
  • Semester (9 credits or more; may be waived if the student has insurance)

Fall 2014: $750
Spring 2015: $743

  • Other health insurance options available (may be waived if the student has insurance)
Spring/Summer: $1,306
Summer 2015: $563
Student Health Center fee (9 credits or more)$110

Student Recreation Center (optional for 3-8 credits, required for 9 credits or more)

Student sustainability fee (3 credits or more)$20
Technology fee$5 per credit
to a maximum of $60
Transportation (4 credits or more)$13
UA facilities fee ($2 per credit beginning spring 2015)varies
UA network fee (2 percent applied on a course-by-course basis to tuition)varies
Wood Center Student Life fee (9 credits or more)$35
Meal Plans (four options available)


Residence Hall 
  • Double room/double occupancy 


  • Single room


  • Cutler Apartment Complex (includes winter break)


  • Double room/single occupancy


  • Fairbanks campus family housing
Parking Decal (Student) 
  • 8 or fewer credits 
fall-$41; spring-$41
  • 9 or more credits
fall-$78; spring-$78


Multi-vehicleadditional $10
Estimated Textbook Cost 
  • (depends on course load and selection)

NOTE: all fees subject to change; see www.uaf.edu/register/ for most updates.

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