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Degree Works

Picture of a GPS location system that says, "Degree Works... Your GPS to graduation."

Your GPS to graduation success!

Just as a Global Positioning System will tell you exactly where you are every step of the way, Degree Works is your Graduation Planning System (GPS) that tells how far you've come, and how far you need to go, in order to reach your graduation goals. Thus, Degree Works is your GPS to graduation success!
Degree Works is an easy to use web-based degree audit and academic advising tool that allows you to:
  • Run your own degree audit
  • View your progress toward earning your diploma
  • See how your current courses apply to your graduation requirements
  • Determine how changing your major will affect your graduation date
  • Track progress of petitions

Watch a video tutorial about how to use Degree Works

Degree Works is available to students and academic advisors through UAOnline.

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Access Degree Works - Once logged in to UAOnline, select 'Degree Works/Electronic Degree Audit - UAF' under the Student Services and Account Information tab. Get more detailed directions.

Thinking of changing your major? Use the "What if" option- Degree Works allows you to determine which classes you have taken that can count towards a different degree program of your choosing. By using the “What If” option, Degree Works will generate a new audit for you. This new audit will show you how close you are to graduation if you were to switch programs. Get more detailed directions on how to use the "What If" option (PDF). Feel free to play with it as much as you like, as it will not interfere with you current audit.

More questions? - Read Degree works most frequently asked questions, or contact someone in the Office of Admissions and the Registrar for assistance.

Please contact the Academic Advising Center for more information concerning their next Degree Works Student Success Workshop (phone: (907) 474-6396, or E-mail:


No more degree checksheets!

Trying to get to Degree Works? - Once logged in, select 'Degree Works' under the Advisor Menu.

Have a student who is thinking of changing their major? (using the What If) - Use the "What If" option in Degree Works to help a student determine if switching degree programs would be advantageous, and how such a change would affect their graduation date.

Have more questions? - Read the set of directions that Graduation Services distributes during advisor/faculty/staff training sessions.

**Please note, Graduation Services no longer creates degree checksheets. Degree Works is the most accurate, and up-to-date, list of all program requirements.**

Interested in having Graduation Services come train your Advisors, Staff and/or Faculty?  Contact Graduation Services in the Office of Admissions and the Registrar (Phone: 907-474-7500, or, E-mail:
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