Bike Rentals

Free Long Term Rentals

Limited to Current UAF Students. For Staff/Faculty/Alumni, Check the Short Term Section Below.

The majority of our fleet is dedicated to keeping students on bikes, and comeletely for free. If you are interested in one of these bikes, here's what you need to do:

  • Come to one of our announced check-out dates
  • Bring your polar express card as proof that you’re a student
  • Be prepared to make a $250 deposit (through credit, debit, check, or cash; credit/debit cards not charged)
  • Bring a well-fitting helmet or buy one there through Outdoor Adventures ($35)
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork and read over the rental terms
  • And it’s just that simple!

Please note that the deposit isn't charged, held or withdrawn from your card's account. We only take the information off the card and keep it until the bike is returned.


Short-Term Rentals

We have a limited number of bikes set aside for rental durations from three hours, all the way up to a week. These bikes are available to everyone, including non-students. Current fee schedule is as follows, and prices differ for non-UAF affiliated renters.

Rent the Pedal Powered PA System!

Bring sustainability and movement to your party or event! Our sound system hooks up to a bicycle and uses human power to run. To rent, simply swing by the Outdoor Adventures office during the regular office hours between 10:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Come in and ask about rates if you are interested.

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