UAF Campus Safety Project

The UAF Green Bikes program has been working to create a safer enviornment for those riding bikes on campus. More people are realizing that putting the car keys down can keep monthly costs down, not only with fuel, but with health care costs too. Because of this, UAF has been experiencing an increase in bicycle traffic from people commuting into school or work. As safety is our upmost concern, we have been working on solutions to dangerous areas around campus.

We are currently working on a bike safety proposal, due to be presented UAF Master Planning Committee soon. This proposal includes public input via an online map survey, develped with assistance from Kittelson and Associates, allowing visitors to place notes on spicific areas on campus that they thought needed some improvment. Click on the map to the right to check out some of the comments made.

We will post the proposal document after it is presented to the Planning Committee. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us.

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