Whether you want to climb WI5, prepare for the spring climbing season in the Deltas, or get ready for a big route on Denali this program can help you tackle those objectives. Alpine objectives is designed to not only give you a strong base of physical fitness but to also provide you with ideas and climbing specific goals to give you the building blocks necessary to progress as a climber.  

Peak 9400Once registered for the program you will be contacted to set up an initial meeting with our consultant Jason Stuckey. After and during your initial consultation you will create a training plan that will take you up to the date of your attempt. Along with the training plan you will also have bi-weekly meetings with Jason to check on your progress as well as to discuss your climbing objective. Along with Jason’s coaching you will have access to the SRC’s personal training staff to assist with lifting specific technique. Sessions start at $20 per session 1-4 sessions for students, $25 non student members and $45 non student nonmember.   

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