Alaska Outdoor Information

One service our office provides free of charge is advice, trip suggestions, and stories about different areas. In this section of our web-site we have provided some of the advice and intend to provide more each and every year. 

  • Use the gear-lists as a check-list while you are packing for your trip with Outdoor Adventures or with friends.
  • The UAF trails are a valuable campus resource, use the provided links to find more information about the UAF trial system.
  • Alaska is cold and snowy in the winter and those conditions can become dangerous very fast if you are not prepared. Use the useful tips to educate yourself before going into the backcountry.

Check out the our site regularly for more helpful information.

Avalanche Resources is a great resource for avalanche infomation for all across Alaska. Find weather condtions, observations, and forcasts for many backcountry locations.

Here is a MS Word document with multiple Avalanche and Climbing resources. Many of them are links to web-sites, but also a list of texts that are valuable for anyone looking to learn it all or brush up a bit.

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