Many students of RAP designed and implemented their own internship to build skills and gain experience outside the student’s home discipline and prepare for thesis research.


Student Name



Jim Magdanz

Santa Fe Institute

I attended an intensive series of lectures on complex systems, collaborated in an interdisciplinary team to develop an agent-based network model, and helped write a journal article summarizing our results.

Gabriela Halas

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Worked on a caribou and "disturbance" annotated bibliography, and the Central Arctic Herd photo census of 2013.

Lisa Strecker

Komarov Botanical Institute, Saint Petersburg; Kamchatka Branch of the Pacific Institute of Geography; Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KB PIG FEB RAS)

The main part of my internship took place in central and southern Kamchatka where my Russian research colleague Olga Cherniagina and I sampled the vegetation of six clusters of hot springs to find out whether invasive plants are a threat to the rare and endemic plants at hot springs.

Berill Blair

Umeć University, Sweden

I completed a summer course on community adaptation to climate change in the North

Todd Brinkman


I explored subsistence hunting issues in Southeast Alaska

Sue Hazlett

Alaska Coastal Management in the Department of Natural Resources

I worked with Alaska Coastal Management Program thru DNR.   I attended meetings, researched regulations, wrote reports on enforcable policies in other states and how they might apply in AK.

Karen Hibbard-Rode

Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Division of Subsistence

I conducted key respondent interviews and learned social science methods through work with the annual Caribou Subsistence Harvest Survey in the community of Barrow

Jim Schwarber

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

I increased my understanding of the role of biological research in fisheries management.

Sherri Wall

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

I researched and co-authored the history of decision making for allowing oil exploration on Alaska's North Slope.

La’ona DeWilde

Alaska Department of Transportation

I helped prepare Final Report Adopt-A-Stream Program; Prepared and Conducted a local stormwater attitude survey; Continued with storm drain stenciling program.

Amanda Kolker

Alaska Energy Authority (Alternative Energy and Efficiency Program

I focused on geothermal renewable energy development in AK.

Martin Robards

Alaska Eskimo Walrus Commission

I reviewed contaminants literature with respect to Pacific Walrus.

Anna Gudduhn

Alaska Native Science Commission; Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council

I assisted with food community food studies for the ANSC and developed a health survey for the YRITWC.

Betsy Young

Alaska Transportation Priorities Project- Nonprofit group

 I conducted research on Southeast AK ferry system.

Rebecca Warren Blue Energy, Nicaragua I looked at their model for rural energy and local capacity development

Alison Meadow

Calypso Farm and Ecology Center, Fairbanks

I wanted to  gain an understanding of 1) the science of organic farming in interior Alaska, 2) the economics of both small-scale and organic farming in interior Alaska.

Archana Bali


I produced a documentary film, “Voices of The Caribou People”.

Kathleen McGlone West

Center for Genomics and Healthcare Equality, UW

I learned about community-based participatory research, with a focus on indigenous communities.   I also focused on ethical, legal and social implications of genetics research, and reducing health disparities.

Nazune Menka Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, oslo, Norway I will conduct data analysis across the CAVIAR case study sites
Kimberley Maher Centre for Non-Timber Resources, Victoria, BC I conducted a case study on tree syrup production in BC and worked witht he BC Ministry of Forest Economics

Laura Henry-Stone

Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments

I interviewed Yukon Flats residents and put together a report about local perspectives on potential oil development in the Flats.

Dixie Dayo Counciil of Yukon First Nations I worked with the Council to share knowledge of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
Josie Osafo-Adu Sam Development Institute, Ghana I will learn about the process and operations of the Community Management Area concept in Ghana

Chanda Meek


I worked with the constituents of the Indigenous Peoples' Council for Marine Mammals to build consensus on issues relating to the reauthorization of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA).

Susan Loshbaugh

Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Department

I studied land-use policies, municipal planning & GIS.

Megan Boltwood

Municiplaity of Anchorage

I conducted a market analysis for Anchorage's Sustainability Program.

Stacia Backensto

North Slope Borough Dept. of Wildlife Management

I worked on subsistence focused projects and wildlife management projects.

Marcy Okada

North Slope Borough Dept. of Wildlife Management

I will collect subsistence data in North Slope communities, become familiar with subsistence issues, make contacts within the North Slope communities , acquire knowledge of the sharing of subsistence foods and the rules for sharing, and to learn about the Inupiat culture.

Stacey Fritz

Parks Canada

I worked with David Neufeld of Parks Canada, Whitehorse, Yukon. Researched and co-wrote paper on the Canadian government's management of DEW Line construction in the MacKenzie River/Inuvialuit region.

Elisabeth Robins

Porcupine Caribou Management Board

I conducted interviews with elders and knowledgeable hunters in Old Crow, Fort McPherson and Dawson City (Canada) on the topic of caribou migration and specifically asking "What are caribou leaders?".

Steven Winslow

Research team led by archeologist Dr. Claire Alix from the French Polar Institute.

I joined an interdisciplinary team of researchers investigating the human use of driftwood in the Arctic.

Dael Devenport

Second Chance Foundation

I studied sustainable gariculture in Southern India

Philip Loring

Sonoran Institute, Tuscon, Arizona

I gained an international perspective on my own work by learning about issues of conservation and land use in the Mexican portion of the Colorado River Delta.

Charles Jones Stockholm Resilence Center I will look at hydrological and water policy related regime shifts

James Powell

The Cromer Group, Washington D C

I took part in public policy survey and analysis.

Matthew Druckenmiller

Traditional Knowledge Institute of the United Nations University Institute for Advanced Studies and the North Slope Borough Planning Department

I worked with the Institute to   establish an Arctic component to their developing research plan. I incorporated my work with the North Slope Borough's planning department to demonstrate how local planning can partner with research to achieve relevant environmental information (e.g., sea-ice information) for planning.

Robin Bronen

United Nations University and the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development, Division of Community & Regional Affairs.

I worked with the community in Newtok to understand the socio-economic impact of the relocation effort and also learn how to develop a socio-economic survey to capture this information.  

Eunkyoung Hong United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia & Pacific I undertook research on emerging policy options for the integrations of environmental sustainability into national development planning and looked at programs to promote policy.
Marion Glaser USDA Forest Service

I will work in the Seward Ranger Distric to look at moose carrying capacity near Moose Pass and Cooper Landing


Brian Young Yukon Energy, MInes and Resources Forest Management Branch I assisted in a series of focus group discussions on Climate Change in the Chamapgne and Aishihik Traditional Territory
Cindy Fabbri Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council I worked to gain understanding of the scientific research happening in the watershed and identify future research needs

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