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Archana Bali (1978-2014): PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary Studies

Dissertation title: "Effects of long-term climate on the Human-Caribou Systems in Alaska: Assessment of past, present and future."

Colin Beier:  PhD, Biological Sciences, 2007


Dissertation title:  “Regional Climate, Federal Land Management, and the Social-Ecological Resilience of Southeastern Alaska”.  Click here to download.

Current position:  Research Ecologist, Faculty of Forest and Natural Resources Management and Adirondack Ecological Center, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF)



Berill Blair: PhD Natural Resources and Sustainability, 2017

Entered Program: 2012

Dissertation Title: Toward Arctic Transitions and Sustainability: Modeling Risks and Resilience Across Scales of Governance

Advisor: Dr. Amy Lovecraft and Dr. Gary Kofinas

Todd Brinkman:  PhD, Biology, 2009

Dissertation title:  “Sitka Black-Tailed Deer Hunting Systems”. Click here to download.

Current position:  Post Doctoral Fellow, Institue of Arctic Biology, UAF.


Robin Bronen:  PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies 
Entered Program: 2009
Thesis Title: “Forced Migration of Alaskan Indigenous Communities Due to Climate Change: Creating a Human Rights Response”
Advisor: Terry Chapin

Casey Brown: PhD, Biological Sciences, 2016

Dissertation title: "Socio-ecological drivers of resource selection and habitat use by moose in Interior Alaska"

Dissertation Link

Doug Cost: PhD, Interdisciplinary, 2017


Entered Program: 2010

Thesis Title: Designing Adaptive Schools for Rural Northern Communities: A comparative study of secondary school systems in circumpolar social-ecological systems

Advisors: Elena Sparrow, Diane Hirshberg


Matthew Druckenmiller:  PhD, Geophysics, 2011

Dissertation title: “Alaska Shorefast Ice:  Interfacing Geophysics with Local Sea Ice Knowledge and Use"  Click here to download.


John Duffy: PhD, Natural Resources and Sustainability, 2015

Dissertation title: "What variables foster the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices by local governments?"

Dissertation Link

Cindy Fabbri:  PhD, Natural Resources and Sustainability


Completed : 2013

Thesis Title:  A model for sustainability science in higher education : water research, science and sustainability literacy, and community adaptive capacity

Advisor:  Elena Sparrow


Nancy Fresco:  PhD, Biological Sciences, 2006


Dissertation title:  “Carbon Sequestration in Alaska 's Boreal Forest: Planning for Resilience in a Changing Landscape”.  Click here to download.

Current position:  PhD post doctoral researcher / Network Coordinator, Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning, School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Science University of Alaska Fairbanks


Stacey Fritz, Phd Anthropology, 2010

Dissertation title: “DEW Line Passage: Tracing the Legacies of Arctic Militarization"


Anna Godduhn:  PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2011

Dissertation title:  The Northway Wild Food and Health Project:  Confronting the legacy of Toxic Waste Along the Alcan". Click here to download.


Kevin Hillmer Pegram: PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2016

Dissertation title: "Resilience to capitalism, resilience through capitalism: indigenous communities, industrialization, and radical resilience in Arctic Alaska"

Dissertation Link

Eunkyoung Hong:  PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies


Dissertation Title: "Estimating damage costs for Alaska infrastructure at risk from climate change".

Completed : 2012

Advisor:  Sarah Trainor


Charles Jones: PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2014

Dissertation Title: "The Integrated Hydrologic and Societal Impacts of a Warming Climate in Interior Alaska"

Dissertation Link 

Corrie Knapp:  PhD Interdisciplinary Studies



Completed : 2013

Title : Engaging local perspectives for improved conservation and climate change adaptation

BA Dual Degree in Literature and Writing, University of Colorado, Denver, CO, 1997-1999; MS Rangeland Ecosystem Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO,  2006-2008; IGERT in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure, Health and Behavioral Sciences, Urban Food System,  University of Colorado, Denver, CO,  2008-2009.

Advisor:  Terry Chapin


Amanda Kolker:  PhD, Geology, 2008

Dissertation title:  “Geologic Setting of the Central Alaska Hot Springs Belt: Implications for Geothermal Resource Capacity and Sustainable Energy Production”.


Meagan Boltwood Krupa:  PhD, Biological Sciences, 2009

Thesis title: “Urban Stream Management: An Interdisciplinary Assessment of an Alaskan Salmon Fishery”.   Click here to download.

Jordan Lewis:  PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2010

Thesis title:   "Successful Aging Through the Eyes of Alaska Natives.   The Health and Wellbeing of Alaska Native Elders In Bristol Bay, AK ” Click here to download.

Current position:  Assistant Professor, College of Rural and Community Development


Susan “Shana” Loshbaugh:  PhD, Natural Resources and Sustainability

BA, Biology and Russian, Carleton College, 1976; M.S., Animal Science, University of Minnesota, 1981.


Completed : 2014

Thesis Title:  “The History of Land Use on Alaska's KenaiI River and Its Implications
For Sustaining Salmon”

Dissertation availabe at :

Advisor:  Susan Todd, Falk Huettman


Philip Loring, PhD, Anthropology, 2010

Thesis title: “Ways to Help and  Ways to Hinder”
Climate, Health, and Food Security in Alaska. Click here to download.


Karen Mager:  PhD, Biological Sciences, 2012

Dissertation title:  Population Structure and Hybridization of Alaskan Caribou and Reindeer:  Integrating Genetics and Local Knowledge".  Click here to download.


Kimberley Anne C. Maher:  PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies

B.S., Biology, Boston College, 1998; M.S., Natural Resources Management, UAF, 2005.


Thesis Title:  “Harvest of Non-Timber Forest Product in Interior Alaska ”

Completed : 2013

Advisor:  Glenn Juday


Dawn Magness:  PhD, Biological Sciences, 2009

Thesis title:  “Management and Climate Change in the National Wildlife Refuge System: The Interaction of Policy, Belief Systems, and Knowledge”.  Click here to download.


Alison Meadow:  PhD, Anthropology, 2009

Thesis title:  "Evaluating and Designing Urban Food Systems:  The Role of Local Initiatives".  Click here to download.

Currently finishing an M.S. in Urban Planning at the University of Arizona. 


Chanda Meek:  PhD, Natural Resources and Sustainability, 2009

Dissertation title:  “Comparing Marine Mammal Co-Management Regimes In Alaska:  Three Aspects Of Institutional Performance".  Click here to download.

Current position: Assistant Professor, Politcal Science, UAF.


Shannon McNeeley:  PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2009

Dissertation title:  “Seasons Out of Balance:  Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Sustainable Adaptation in Interior Alaska".  Click here to download.

Current position:  Post doctoral fellow at Integrated Science Program, National   Center   for Atmospheric Research,  1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO   80305


Sveta Yamin-Pasternak:  PhD, Anthropology, 2007

Dissertation title: “How the Devils Went Deaf : Ethnomycology, Cuisine, and Perception of Landscape in the Russian North”.  Click here to download.

Current position: Post doctoral researcher, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University


James Powell, PhD Natural Resources and Sustainability, 2012

Dissertation title: Conditions for Effective Use of Community Sustainability Indicators and Adaptive Learning . Click here to download.


Dominique Pride:  PhD, Natural Resources and Sustainability


Joshua Ream: PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2016


Martin Robards:  PhD, Biological Sciences, 2008

Dissertation title: “Perspectives on the Dynamic Human-Walrus Relationship”.  Click here to download.


Josephine-Mary Sam: PhD, Natural Resources and Sustainability, 2015

Dissertation title: "What community characteristics lead to the successful outcome of rural water projects?"


Katie Villano Spellman:  PhD Biological Sciences, 2015

Dissertation Title: Invasive plants and pollination of Alaskan berry species: integrating ecology and education.  Click here to download.

BA Biology, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA; MS Biology and Wildlife, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Advisor:  Dr. Christa Mulder


Jennifer Schmidt:  PhD, Biological Sciences, 2007

Dissertation title:  “Ecological and Social Influences on Population Dynamics and Genetics of Moose in Alaska ”.  Click here to download.

Current position:  Post Doctoral Fellow with EPSCoR Program at University of Alaska Fairbank, studying wildlife as part of northern social-ecological systems.


Laura Henry-Stone:  PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2008

Dissertation title:  “Cultivating Sustainability through Participatory Action Research:   Place-based Education and Community Food Systems in Interior Alaska”.  Click here to download.

Current position:  Term Assistant Professor in the Education Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks .


Brian Young:   PhD,  Natural Resources and Sustainability, 2012

Thesis title:  " Diversity in the Boreal Forest of Alaska: Distribution and Impacts on  Ecosystem Services ."  Click here to download.


Rebecca Young:  PhD, Biology

BS, Biology, University of Indianna, 2006


Entered Program:  2008

Thesis Title: Behavior, physiology, biological age, and cultural role of long-lived Bering Sea seabirds

Completed : 2014

Advisor:  Sasha Kitaysky




Kelsey Aho:  MA, Arctic and Northern Studies 2016

Thesis Title : Transboundary agreement: case studies of marine mammal management in the Bering Strait


Stacia Backensto:  Masters, Biology, 2009

Thesis title: “Common Ravens in Alaska's North Slope Oil Fields: An Integrated Study Using Local Knowledge and Science” Click here to download.

Alina Cushing:  MS, Natural Resources Management, 2009

Thesis title:  “The Potential of Lodgepole Pine in Alaska ”.  Click here to download.

Current position:  Research assistant with Institute of Arctic Biology studying community based ecological monitoring.


Dael Devenport:  MS Anthropology, 2011

Thesis title:  “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: An Exploration of How People Make Consumption Choices in Fairbanks, Alaska ”


La'ona de Wilde:  MS, Bio, 2008

Thesis title: "Human Impacts to Fire Regime in Interior Alaska"

Current position:  Now doing Biological Sciences PhD with RAP at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Ross Dorendorf: MSc, Wildlife Biology and Conservation, 2015

Dissertation title: "Thesis title Motivations and Drivers of Trapper Catch-Per-Unit- Effort in Alaska "


Rachel Garcia:  MS, Natural Resources Management, 2012

Thesis title:  "Public Use of Local Foods in the Tanana Valley:  Understandings of Producers and Low-Income Community Members".   Click here to download.


Jean Marie Guzzetti:  MS, Natural Resources Management, 2007

Thesis title: “Factors Contributing to the Participation of Organizations in a Voluntary Environmental Program:   The Case of Green Star, Anchorage , Alaska ”.  Click here to download.

Current position:  Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Coordinator, State of Maine Public Utilities Commission .


Gabriela Halas: M.S. Natural Resources Management, 2015

Title:  The Noatak Traditional knowledge Project:  Local perceptions of Caribou Migration and Behavior & Interactions between Local and Non-local hunters

Dissertation Link

Winslow Hansen:  MS, Natural Resources Management

BA Economics, University of Montana, 2010; BA Biology option in ecology, University of Montana, 2010

Title : Linked disturbance interactions in south-central Alaska : Implications for ecosystems and people 

Completed :2013

Thesis Download : Available Here PDF


Advisor:  Scott Rupp


Richard E. Hum:  MS, interdisciplinary Studies 2013

BS University of Earth Science, University of California at Santa Cruz, 1994

Title : Online social media as a social-ecological systems research tool: Facebook and two rural Alaskan communities


Advisor:  Michael Koskey


Philip Loring:  MA Anthroplogy, 2007

Thesis title:  “Coming Out of the Foodshed : Change and Innovation in Rural Alaskan Food Systems”. Click here to download.

Current position:  Now doing an Anthropology PhD with RAP, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Ian Johnson: MSc, Wildlife Biology and Conservation, 2015

Dissertation title: "Thesis title: Space use and Movements of Moose Hunters and Wolves in the Yukon Flats, Alaska"


Jill Maynard:  Masters, Natural Resources Management, 2010

Thesis title:  “Factors Influencing Renewable Energy Development in Rural Alaska Communities”.  Click here to download


Marcy Okada:  Masters, Natural Resources Management, 2010

 Thesis title:    "The Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches for Measuring Traditional Food Sharing in Communities on the North Slope of Alaska."  Click here to download.


Josephine- Mary Osafu Sam: Masters Natural Resources Management, 2011.

Thesis title: "How Does Improved Access to Clean Water Impact Rural Communities?  An Evaluation of the Impacts of Clean Water in the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam District of Ghana." Click here to download.


Elisabeth Robins Padilla :  Masters, Wildlife Biology and Conservation, 2010

Thesis title:  "Caribou leadership: A study of Traditional Knowledge, Animal Behavior, and Policy"  Click here to download.


Kumi Rattenbury: M.S. Biology, 2006

Thesis title:  "Reindeer Herding, Weather and Enviornmental Change on the Seward Pennisula, Alaska."  Click here to download.

Current position:  Ecologist with the Arctic Network Inventory and Monitoring Program of the National Park Service in Fairbanks .


Melissa Robinson:  MS, Wildlife Biology, 2005

Thesis title: "Linking Local Knowledge and Fisheries Science: The Case with Humpback Whitefish (Coregonus pidschian) in The upper Tanana drainage of Alaska".  Click here to download.

Current position: Wildlife Outreach Educator at the Ogden Nature Center, Ogden, Utah.


Colin Shanley:  MS, Biology, 2008

Thesis title: " Balancing the Conservation of Wildlife Habitat with Road Access for Subsistence Hunting in Yakutat, Alaska".  Click here to download.

Current position: Conservation Planner / GIS Analyst, The Nature Conservancy, Alaska Coastal Forests Program, Juneau, Alaska.


Britta Schroeder:  MS Natural Resources Management

BS Forestry Management, Colorado State University, 2004

Title : Mapping landscape values and forest uses on the Tongass National Forest


Advisor:  David Verbyla


Kristin M.F. Timm:  MS Northern Studies

BA Rural Development-Land Resources and Environmental Management, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2010; Natural REsources Mangements/Environmental Education, 2003, non-degree

Completed : 2014

TItle : Nature-based tourism operator response to environmental change in Juneau, Alaska 


Advisor:  Elena Sparrow


Perrin Teal Sullivan:MFA, 2015

Dissertation title: "Here is Where We Moved the Mountain Mining the Northern Anthropocene, MFA Exhibition"

Nicole Y. Swenson, M.Sc. Natural Resources Management, 2013

Thesis Title: "Modeling changes in the length of the agricultural growing season in interior Alaska"

Thesis Link

Kathleen McGlone West:  Masters, Biology, 2009

Thesis title: “Lessons from the River: Identifying Factors that Influence Comprehension of Genetics Research in a Yup’ik Eskimo Community” Click here to download.


Stephen Winslow:  MS, Natural Resources Management, 2008

Thesis title:  “Tree Growth History, Climate Sensitivity, and Growth Potential of Black and White Spruce Along the Middle Kuskokwim River, Alaska”.  Click here to download.

Current position:  Supervisory Natural Resources Manager with the Army Corps of Engineers.

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