Photo: Jim Magdanz

2016 RAP Keynote Flier




Annual RAP retreat

Each fall, RAP students choose special topic relevant to resilience and adaptation and organize a retreat for faculty, students and alumni.  The retreat provides participants the opportunity to examine the challenges associated with integrated research from multiple perspectives.  The retreat is an exchange of ideas, a time to report internship experiences, a chance to catch up with each other on research and other activities, and plan activities for the academic year.

Each year the RAP retreat features an invited guest speaker and/or a group of distinguished panelists. 

  • 2016  Dan O’Neill, author and 1994 Alaska Historian of the Year
  • 2015  First Chief, Rhonda O Pitka, Beaver, Alaska
  • 2014  Dr. Thomas F Thornton, University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute 
  • 2013  Dr. Nancy J Turner, Distinguished Professor ,  Environmental Studies, University of Victoria
  • 2012  Dr. Oran Young, Professor Emeritus, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara
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