Photo: Todd Paris

Previous Seminars

04/09/14 - Interdisciplinary Journals - Todd Brinkman and Terry Chapin - Todd and Terry gave an overview and generated discussion on looking for and submitting to an interdisciplinary journal. With new journals arising each day, the consideration of target audience and your publishing goal can help you identify the right journal for your work.


All RAP seminar series

Once a month, a RAP student, faculty, or visiting scholar presents a seminar based on his or her research, offering an opportunity for integrative problem-solving of some sustainability issue.

Visiting Scholar Program

Two to three times each year we invite a visiting scholar to present a seminar on her/his research and to participate in the core graduate courses and the weekly graduate seminar.

Scholars are chosen based on their accomplishments in interdisciplinary research and their relevance to the theme of the semester.

The visiting scholar program draws on the nationally dispersed expertise in interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability. Past visitors have included Steve Carpenter (UWI), Marco Janson (ASU), Steve Langdon (UAA), Fikret Berkes (UManatoba), and many others.

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