UAF photo by Todd Paris

Program history

The Resilience and Adaptation Program (RAP) was created in 2002 through a grant from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) IGERT (Interdisciplinary Graduate Education and Research Training) program. RAP was designed to promote regional sustainability research via team-taught multidiscipinary courses and internships, and to spaw collaboration in research among departments. Dr. Terry Chapin was the visionary thinker who designed and founded the program. The joint leadership of Dr. Chapin and Dr. Gary Kofinas successfully guided the program for the first 10 years.

After 10 years of NSF support, RAP was institutionalized at UAF with support from the State of Alaska. The overarching goal of the RAP has remained intact. Today the program continues to adapt, evolve, and improve to meet new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Over 100 graduate students have participated in the program, representing nearly every department at UAF.
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