UAF photo by Todd Paris

Mission and Vision

Questions of sustainability for Alaska and the Circumpolar North are the focus of RAP, exploring this topic through an investigation of global-local interactions, up- and down-scale effects, important feedbacks, adaptive capacity, and critical thresholds of social-ecological change.

The Resilience and Adaptation Program is an interdisciplinary training and education program of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, focusing on sustainability in times of rapid change. The Resilience and Adaptation Program prepares scholars, policy-makers, community leaders, and managers to address issues of sustainability in an integrated fashion.

Through coursework, an internship experience, thesis research, and other training, students enrolled in PhD and masters programs address a major challenge facing humanity: Sustaining the desirable features of Earth's social-ecological systems at a time of rapid change.

The concepts of resilience, adaptation, vulnerability, and transformation serve as unifying themes in research examining global-to-local interactions.

The program prepares students for positions of leadership in academia, government, non-government organizations, education, Native organizations and agency management.

Alaska Native individuals and members of other minority groups are encouraged to apply. 

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