Jen Peterson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Fall 2018 Office Hours

Wednesdays 10-1pm & by appointment

Office: 706B Gruening Building
Phone: 474-5214


~ If unable to reach Professor Peterson, please call the Department of Psychology direct. We are always happy to assist!

 As everyone knows, our way of thinking changes as we age and changes in cognition occur throughout the lifespan.  My research investigates age-related changes in the flexibility of our cognition and behavior.  Understanding our ability (and inability) to think and behave in flexible ways helps us understand the broader picture of healthy aging. 

My second related area of research incorporates my interest in flexible cognition with my love of nature.  Spending time in nature has been shown to improve overall mental and physical health as well as providing other positive benefits such as improved attention and creativity. The Nature Lab was created as a collaboration with Dr. Dani Sheppard to investigate several connections between nature and health.  We currently have several studies underway.  Please contact me for more information on the Nature Lab.

My educational background includes an MS from Emporia State University in experimental psychology and an MS and PhD from Texas Christian University in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience. Before moving to Fairbanks in 2015, I spent two years at Kansas State University as a postdoctoral research studying decision making processes. 

 Nature Lab Research

The Nature Lab was established to further study the relationship between people and their environment. We focus on issues of special interest to interior Alaska such as how the dynamic light cycle affects the health and well-being of local residents.

To find out more please visit our Google site below:

We Are CLA Fall 2016: Professor Jen Peterson & psych undergrad student, Gabe Cartagena.

Professor Peterson and her "oldest" child, Saxon.



Dr. Albert Bandura ( and Professor Jen Peterson

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