Daní K. Sheppard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

Tangle Lakes, summer 2007

Fall 2018 Office Hours

Mondays Virtual ONLY 2 - 4pm & Thursdays 11-1pm

Office: 706A Gruening Building
Phone: 907-474-6514
Email: dani.sheppard@alaska.edu

~ If unable to reach Dr. Sheppard, you can call the Department of Psychology direct. We are always happy to assist.

Biographical Sketch

1996: George Mason University; PhD, Developmental Physiological Psychology
1995: George Mason University; MA, Experimental Neuropsychology
1988: Virginia Tech; BS, Psychology

I have been with the psychology department at UAF since Fall 1999 and have served as Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, Psi Chi Advisor, and Department Chair. I spend most of my time in the classroom teaching courses that focus on biological perspectives to understanding human behavior. I remain passionate about helping students navigate through the research on how neurons, brain chemicals, hormones, genetics, drugs, and disruptions to normal biological function influence how we act, think, and feel.  I have also developed an interest over the years in factors that influence performance in sport and exercise. The course I teach include Physiological Psychology, Drugs & Drug Dependence, Intro to Psychology, Sensation & Perception, Psychopharmacology, Senior Seminar, Sports Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and special topics courses in Behavioral Neuroscience.

I joined the department in 1999 after completing a three-year post-doctoral fellowship in pharmacology and neuroendocrinology at Loyola University Chicago/Stritch School of Medicine with Dr. Loek Van de Kar. My graduate training at George Mason University with Dr. Robert Smith included a focus on developmental models of drug effects. My research projects have reflected my interests in (1) animal models of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, (2) lasting effects of early exposure to psychotropic medications, (3) gender/sex differences, (4) mechanisms of estrous cyclicity, and (5) how ovarian hormones (e.g. estrogen) influence the effects of psychotropic drugs. These projects have offered students an interdisciplinary approach to scientific methodology and a unique opportunity to bridge the social and natural sciences. I am currently pursuing new interests that include (1) the role of the natural environment on behaviors and health in northern latitudes, (2) cardiac arrest survival and reporting in Alaska, and (3) factors of success in quality online learning.    

When I am not teaching or buzzing around my office or lab, I can usually be found in the navigator’s seat flying around the Interior of Alaska, floating down a river in a kayak, attempting to make something more than noise out of a harmonica and guitar, beating up a punching bag, or cheering on our student athletes.

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The inner child has arrived....

Dr. Sheppard on ICE!

Ice Park, March 2006

Dr. Sheppard enjoying a hike on Kilauea -- Perhaps the Word's Most Active Volcano!

Big Island of Hawai`i, summer 2005

Dr. Sheppard's first fishing trip in Alaska.

Kodiak, summer 2007

She caught both the Halibut & Ling Cod.

Beginner's luck?


What does Alaska have to offer every day?

Denali Park, summer 2007.

Our very own, majestic mountain majesty!

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