Unit Peer Criteria

Units and/or departments may compose special criteria (referred to hereafter as "unit criteria") that must be used in evaluation of their faculty during the promotion and tenure process. Unit criteria are additional to the criteria outlined in the UAF "Blue Book" polices and regulations.

Unit Criteria supplements, but does not replace, UAF Blue Book criteria.  All faculty are subject to UAF Blue Book criteria.

                                               UNIT CRITERIA

 Approval DateMeeting No.    
College of Engineering & Mines09/12/2011 176
     Computer Science05/05/2014199
College of Liberal Arts
      Alaska Native Language Center04/05/2010 165
      Anthropology11/04/2013 194
      Art05/07/2012 183
      Communication11/04/2013 194
      English & Philosophy05/03/2010 167
      Foreign Languages & Literatures04/07/2014 198
      Music03/03/2014 197
           Supplementary definitions for theatre unit criteria
05/03/2010 167
College of Natural Science & Mathematics
       Natural Science05/03/2010 167
       Mathematics and Statistics10/06/2014 201
College of Rural and Community Development
       DANSRD Unit Criteria11/08/2010 170
Cooperative Extension Service12/03/2012 187
Elmer E. Rasmuson and BioSciences Libraries03/04/2013 189
International Arctic Research Center03/02/2015205
School of Education05/07/2012 183
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
      GPMSL Unit Criteria03/03/2014 197
      Fisheries Division Unit Criteria05/06/2013 191
      Marine Advisory Program10/06/2014 201
School of Management03/03/2014 197
School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences05/04/2009 159

Unit Criteria Template

For more information on how to create unit criteria or the unit criteria approval process, please contact Jayne Harvie, Governance office coordinator, at 474-7964 or UAF-Faculty-Senate-Office@alaska.edu.

Download Unit Criteria Template

Tips for Revising Unit Criteria

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