Tips & FAQs

Q. Why is there more than one place to enter my activities?

Q. My “Courses Taught” section is wrong! How do I fix it?

Q. I uploaded some citations and they aren’t showing up on my AAR now! Where did they go?

Q. I input all of my activities, but when I click submit, I get an error message saying that one or more courses that I taught need classification. What does this mean?

Q. How can I cleanly print a copy of my AAR on 8.5x11" paper?

Q. What happens to my AAR once it has been submitted? Can I still make changes to it?

Q. Who do I contact when I need assistance using Faculty 180 to prepare my annual activities report?

Importing Citations in Faculty 180

Step-by-step guide to downloading citations from Google Scholar, Web of Science or EndNote/Zotero (pdf)

Information for Administrators

Descriptions of report types available on the Reports tab

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