Faculty 180

Faculty 180 is an activities reporting and evaluation processing software tool developed by Data 180.  Annual Activities Reports previously completed in a Microsoft Word template and routed manually are now submitted through Faculty 180. 

Twice yearly, a Banner list of active faculty are uploaded to the software and accounts created for all new faculty.  By clicking on the link above, faculty members should be able to log in using their UA authserv credentials and begin using the software.

In addition, select staff employees for academic units have accounts set up for reporting purposes and to assist with questions and troubleshooting.  A list of staff contacts for each unit is supplied for reference from the main menu or the list of links below.

For account access questions or issues, you may contact Michelle Strickland at uaf-faculty180@alaska.edu or (907) 474-2764.

Faculty180 Help Videos Available

Data180 has provided Facutly180 help videos to guide faculty members as they use the system. Once logged in to the software, you can access the following videos from the Help Videos section on the Faculty180 homepage: 

  • An Overview of Faculty180
  • Faculty Input
  • Collect Citations from Other Databases
  • Importing Citations into Faculty180
  • Importing Citations into Faculty180 using MEDLINE/PubMed

UAF overview annual activities reporting webinar (38 min mp4 video)

SNRE/CES overview annual activities reporting webinar (48 min mp4 video)

Communications about Faculty 180

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