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This section is designed to help UAF personnel find answers to the most frequently asked questions and to provide resources
for making sound procurement decisions. 

The vendors listed on the attached link have successfully completed the evaluation process are approved for use for printing projects, with no further competition required, so long as the prices offered include the listed discounts.  If department wish to use vendors other than those on this list then normal competitive processes will be used.

Printing Text Format for Commodity and Equipment POs

To make better use of our procurement spend data, it is necessary that we be able to  quickly identify specific commodities and equipment we have purchased by querying Banner.  In order to make the queries useful, the methodology used by requisitioners and procurement officers for entering descriptive data on commodity line items and line item text in Banner must be consistent.  In other words, part numbers, model names, nouns, and other descriptive adjectives need to be in the same place on our requisitions and purchase orders.  Therefore, beginning immediately, the following protocol is to be used when entering requisitions and purchase orders for commodities and equipment into Banner.

Commodity & Equipment Purchases

Part number first surrounded by two pound characters (ex. ##12345-B##), then brand, model, noun, other descriptive words such as size or color, and optional components, quote and/or contract reference, invoice requirements (ex. GACINV), award no. and CFDA (if applicable)


##GV546A8##, HP P2480, LCD Monitor,

24-inch, No Integrated Speakers, with 3-year Parts and Labor Warranty.

Per attached quotation no. XXXXXXX



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