Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are marked with BLUE LIGHTS at the following sites:
(see UAF Campus Map)

  • Administrative Services Center
  • Arctic Health Research Building
  • Ballaine Parking Lot
  • Bunnell Building
  • Butrovich Building
  • Chapman Building
  • Cutler Apartment Complex lot
  • Haida Parking Lot
  • Harwood Hall
  • Health, Safety and Security Building (telephone and intercom located at the front door to the police department)
  • Hess Village Recreation Center
  • International Arctic Research Center
  • Upper Moore Parking Lot
  • Moore-Bartlett-Skarland Complex
  • Museum
  • Natural Sciences Facility
  • O'Neill Building
  • Patty Center Parking Lot
  • Rasmuson Library
  • Stevens Hall
  • Student Recreation Center/Ski Hill
  • Old University Park parking lot (2 locations)

All house phones and pay phones have 911 access.

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