Community Service Officers

The Community Service Officer Program (CSO) has a proud tradition on this campus dating back to the early 1970s. Over the years, the program has gone through many transitions while the mission of the program has changed little. The mission of the CSO program, in basic terms, is to protect UAF property, help secure a safe environment for those that live and work on the UAF campus, provide service to the campus community and assist the UAF Police Officers as requested.

There is another aspect of the program that has been overlooked but is equally important. This aspect is that the program provides a training ground for officers going on into law enforcement or other justice related fields. It also offers a valuable training ground for students going into other occupations as well, providing them with opportunities to be a field training officer or shift supervisor.

Because this department is a para-military organization and its officers are considered representatives of the university, CSOs are held to the same high standards as the fulltime Police Officers whether in training, discipline, accountability, integrity or professionalism. It is this tradition that CSOs of the department continue to uphold with pride and dedication .

CSO jumpstarting vehicle
CSO at work in UAF dorms
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