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Police Officers

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Police Department receives its statutory authority under Alaska Statute 14.40.043. This statute, enacted in 1992, bestowed general police powers upon police officers employed by the University. Each UAF officer, like their municipal and State counterparts, must meet the strict standards established by the Alaska Police Standards Council. Only officers who are fully commissioned and certified by the State as Police Officers carry firearms. Officers employed by the University understand and function in a manner consistent with our Community Oriented Policing program.

The UAF Police Department serves to protect life and property, to prevent and deter crime, to detect criminal activity and apprehend offenders, to assist those in danger, those who cannot care for themselves and those in need of assistance, to protect individual constitutional rights, and to facilitate the safe movement of people and vehicles on campus.

UAF Officer winter training session at -49 below
UAF Police Combat Handgun training as part of inter-agency violent intruder protection training
Former Chief Sean McGee instructing during class
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