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PAIR Factbook

The UAF Dynamic Factbook serves as an institutional reference of the university's annual productivity. The Factbook is broken up into a Student Data Section and a Financial (incl. Research) Expenditures Section.

The Student Data Section for the last 10 completed fiscal years can be accessed as:

Semester Data for single fiscal years

Trend Data for multiple fiscal years

Degrees Awarded: Degrees by program, campus and demographic characteristics

Credit Hours: Information on courses taken by subject, level, campus and course number

Majors: Degree-seeking students organized by origin, class standing, major, degree, ethnicity and gender

Enrollment: Student head counts organized by campus, origin, class standing, degree, ethnicity and gender

Applications: Applications, admits and enrolled by origin, level, unit, major, school district and demographics

The Financial Expenditures Section is available for the last 10 fiscal years (including the current fiscal year):

This section is currently unavailable. Please contact us at for questions pertaining to financial expenditures.

Available variables are:

  • NCHEMS codes (e.g. Research)
  • UAF Structure Titles
  • UAF Dlevels
  • Cost Categories
  • Federal Agencies
  • Grant Codes
  • Grant Titles
  • Grant Status
  • PI Name

Variables can be summed by Restricted Expenditures, ICR, Unrestricted Expenditures, Costshare.

Further explanations on the data definitions can be found in Expenditure Definitions


Simple visualization tool for expenditure trends over the last 10 years:

This section is currently unavailable.

Credits: The UAF Dynamic Student Factbook was completely developed by UAF students! Craig Stephenson and Alex Wolfe initiated the project as a part of their CS Senior Design course. Craig and Alex designed the engine that makes the Factbook dynamic. Yingte Zhang assembled the pieces made by Craig and Alex, placed the Factbook on a server, and made it run. Finally, Kris Harper did the final leg work of customizing the front-end, validating the data, and making the Factbook user-friendly. Kris also expanded functionality by adding the Enrollment and Applications pages, writing the entire trend data section of the Factbook and creating and developing the GraphBook project.

The UAF Dynamic Financial/Research Expenditures Factbook was developed by Ben Barton and Heike Merkel.

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